The North Held Serve, Now It's Time for the Big 12 South to Live Up to Its Hype

J. Robert ByromCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

Missouri won last night. They won ugly, but won none the less. The division that was the whipping boy for the Big 12 South this year started the bowl season off right for a conference that is looking to remove any doubt that they are they best.

So, at the the very least last night told us that the North division is not as bad as they looked when matched up against the South's teams. Tonight, however, is the game that really could tell us something about the conference.

Then again, maybe not.  If it is a shootout, with both teams scoring over 40, we learn little is any new information about whether the Big 12 is actually that good, regardless of who wins. But, if the Picken's Project can pour it on Oregon and hold them to less than four touchdowns and run away with the game, then it may be time to start worrying if you have a Big 12 South team as your opponent in a bowl game.  

Oregon finished second in the Pac 10 and had an explosive offense, scoring over 40 in six games, over 50 four times, and more than 60 on two occasions.  So, this will be a chance to see a Big 12 defense against a good offense outside of the conference. Hence, this game can go a long way to answering the question are Big 12 offenses that good or their defenses that bad. 

If Oregon scores on Ok. State as easily as Tech or OU did, then we may have our answer. But, if the Cowboys can limit a dynamic offense outside the Big 12 to less than 30 points, then maybe the Big 12 defenses are not so bad after all. 

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