Kiira Korpi: The Sexiest Pictures of Our Favorite Winter Sports Hottie

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIDecember 15, 2011

Kiira Korpi: The Sexiest Pictures of Our Favorite Winter Sports Hottie

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    Figure skaters may be known for their sensual movements on the ice, but few have excited the sports world like Kiira Korpi.

    She may be the 2007 and 2011 European bronze medalist, 2010 Trophee Eric Bompard champion and a two-time Finnish national champion, but this Finnish star is seemingly garnering more attention for her beauty than her athleticism.

    While skating is in her blood as the daughter of a coach, posing is seemingly in her future.

    Here are the hottest pics of our favorite winter sports babe.


25. The Iciest of Them All

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    With her nickname being Jääprinsessa (ice princess) in Finland, it's safe to say Kiira Korpi is revered by all her followers.

    While her resemblance to former Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly can't be ignored, this Finnish figure skater's unique beauty can't be swept aside either.

24. An Early Bloomer

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    Following in her older sister's footsteps, this Finnish sensation began skating at five years old.

    After landing her first triple jump (a salchow) when she was a pre-teen, Korpi began her road to stardom.

    She hasn't looked back since.

23. A Bright Future

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    While it's unclear as to why she's wearing a cheerleader uniform, we believe it is because Kiira Korpi is talented enough to root for herself while skating.

    Her iconic smile, ideal attire and vivacious nature are the key ingredients to a potent career on camera.

22. Running and Gunning from the Start

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    As she sits back and reminisces, Kopri undoubtedly remembers her early success.

    As a junior skater, the Finnish icon won the junior national title and medaled at three junior Grand Prix events, including a gold in 2004.

    Korpi then won the silver medal at the 2005 Finnish Nationals, qualifying her for the 2005 European Championships, where she eventually finished 13th.

    She had her best finish at the 2005 World Junior Championships, finishing 10th.

21. The Eye of the Tiger

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    While she may not be as dangerous on the hardwood as she is on the slippery ice, Kiira Korpi still has the stare to scare opponents.

    With her innocent beauty and firm posture, this Finnish skater can't possibly lose.

20. Facing Adversity

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    The season following her 10th-place finish at the 2005 World Junior Championships, Korpi stayed on the ISU Junior Grand Prix, placing third at the 2006 Finnish Nationals and sixth at the 2006 European Championships.

    While she did finish in 16th place at the 2006 Winter Olympics, the Finnish spark plug seemingly opened up plenty of eager eyes.

19. Becoming Immortal

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    For the 2010-2010 Grand Prix series, Korpi placed fourth at the NHK Trophy, then won her first Grand Prix title at the Trophee Eric Bompard.

    She then won the Finnish nationals for the second time in her career and won the bronze medal at the 2011 European Championships.

    With a stellar thumbs up, this Finnish legend continued to stockpile her accolades.

18. Talented in Every Facet of the Game

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    The 2009-2010 season ignited a promising future for Kiira Korpi, with podium finishes at the Nebelhorn Trophy and the Finlandia Trophy, as well as her first senior Grand Prix medal (a silver at the Cup of China).

    Korpi was even 11th at the 2010 Winter Olympics, giving fans plenty of reason to respect her talent as much as they do her beauty. 

17. An Ability To Adapt

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    While 2009 had a good start, it ended with a 19th-place finish at the World Championships, persuading Kiira Korpi to change things up a bit. 

    For the 2010-2011 season, Korpi incorporated new choreographers. It paid immediate dividends as she began the season at the 2010 Nebelhorn Trophy and won it for the first time in her career.

16. Long Hair, Don't Care

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    As she feigns ignorance regarding her sexy aura, this Finnish athlete continues to garner attention.

    One who has yet to fully discover her potential on camera, a modeling future is seemingly only moments away.

15. An Innocent Nature

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    The 5'6" Kiira Korpi may not be intimidating off the ice, but on it she is a passionately exuberant goddess.

    Her movements are memorable, her poses perfectly planned.

    She is on her way to becoming immortal.

14. Down to Earth

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    Proving to fans she is one of the guys, Kiira Korpi continues to impress and inherit a new throng of eager male fans.

    With the ability to kick it with the bros, there is seemingly nothing she can't do.

13. Confidence Is Key

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    As she confidently accepts her celebratory flowers, it becomes clear that Kiira Korpi is used to the spotlight.

    With heavy expectations placed on her shoulders and an eager fanbase following closely, Korpi continues to excite the sports world with her calm, yet sexy personality.

12. Expanding Her Repertoire

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    While she naturally knows her native Finnish, Korpi can also speak Swedish, English and German.

    Also participating in pilates or katanga yoga when she's not skating, this Finnish hero seems like the ideal role model for all her fans. 

11. Completely Involved

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    Seemingly fully engaged in her craft, this flexible sports hottie is impressing fans one triple jump at a time.

    Her elegant rotation and sheer determination are refreshing for the figure-skating world.

10. No Time for Regrets

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    As the 2007 and 2011 European bronze medalist, 2010 Trophee Eric Bompard champion and a two-time Finnish national champion (2009, 2011), it's safe to say Kiira Korpi has few regrets.

    With her young and feisty production on camera, a career in the spotlight seems infinite for this beauty.

9. A Star in the Making

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    With her Marilyn Monroe-esque ability on camera, acting is even a possibility for this sexy skater.

    While modeling is an almost-certainty, a career shining on stage seems just as likely.

8. Graceful Exuberance

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    As she effortlessly skates across the bumpy ice, this sexy Finnish celebrity's passionate smile undoubtedly warms a chilly crowd.

    Her bright dress should certainly excite any mundane arena.

7. Blast from the Past

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    While she's clearly prolific on the rough ice, Kiira Korpi seemingly wants to prove to fans that she can also dominate on land.

    She undoubtedly attends weekly skate sessions that are reminiscent of a '70s birthday party, with bright rotating lights and eager teenage rebels.

6. Looking for Flaws

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    As we continue to search for anything that can possibly be construed as negative, we are repeatedly surprised to find Kiira Korpi is flawless.

    And she clearly knows it.

5. Reckless Abandonment

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    As she glides around the rink with a relentless desire to win, the sexy Kiira Korpi has a seemingly subtle awareness of her likability.

    Her quiet smile and curious glare show fans that she is always in control.

4. Setting Fashion Statements

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    With her continuously changing hairstyle, it's clear that Kiira Korpi has what it takes to be an icon for all youths yearning for a change.

    From a curly presentation to a straight-laced free fall, Korpi will seemingly try anything.

3. Diamond in the Rough

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    While the foot injury she sustained in July forced her to withdraw from the 2011 Japan Open and 2011 Finlandia Trophy, it certainly didn't affect her attitude and beauty. 

    Seemingly never bereft of a smile, never without a twinkle in her eye, Kiira Korpi continues to dominate the aesthetic part of skating.

2. Gaining an Edge

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    Now that she's seemingly lost her subtle innocence, we can finally appreciate this sexy two-time Finnish national champion.

    Nothing is beyond her control.

1. An Honest Reflection

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    It's now become clear that figure skating is most likely her hobby, with modeling her main career choice.

    With an affinity for the camera, her time on ice is fully surpassed by her moments in front of the camera.