UFC; Really Starting To Hold Back MMA From Greatness

jason hughesContributor IDecember 30, 2008

Picture this, Japan, a ring, 90,000 in attendance, a two week tournament, every weight class, fighting under the world unified rules.  Every MMA organization in the world taking part in unofficial MMA Olympics, and the UFC would have nothing to do with it.

Dana White says phrases like pound for pound, but does he really understand them?  Logic suggests that unless the best fight the best, your really just making it up as you go.  Every four years is not asking much but a true world style chapionship tournament but the common UFC fan almost actually believes that they must be making new fighters at a Wal-Mart or something because any time someone new fights  in the  UFC people wonder where the hell did he come from. 

Baseball pulled it off in grand fashion with Japan beating Cuba.  Does anybody realize that the best heavyweights fight under the Affliction banner, or that the lighter weight divisions in dream are so seriously stacked you could fight for days and never tire of the action.  Take a show to Japan, fight in a ring, try something you've never tied before Dana, you might like it