Basketball Wives Star Tami Roman Being Sued for Unappreciative Antics

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistDecember 15, 2011

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Tami Roman's ex-manager, Jerry Silverhardt, is suing Roman for refusing to pay for his services.

According to TMZ, Silverhardt claims that, "Tami's oral contract with him is crystal clear...she owes him 10 percent no matter what on all "Wives" paychecks for Seasons 3 through 6."

Silverhardt says the parties are square for Season 2, but after she canned him, Roman allegedly refused to pay for the work she did in Season 3.

Silverhardt claims that he helped Roman land the spot in the show and this lawsuit makes it entirely possible that Roman will have to pay for her unappreciative antics.

Obviously there are two sides to every story, and the star of a rising show like Basketball Wives being sued by a fired manager could easily paint a picture of her ex-manager trying to squeeze whatever money out of her he can.

We'll have a better idea of how this ordeal actually shook out after the two parties go to court. Regardless of the outcome, Basketball Wives is still going strong and even though Roman would owe a hefty chunk of her salary if Silverhardt emerges victorious in this legal battle, it's hard to imagine she's really going to be hurting too much from a financial standpoint.

Roman no longer needs Silverhardt to be successful, but that doesn't mean she'll get the last laugh. It will be interesting to see which greedy, scorned party ends up with the upper hand.