Chris Paul Trade and the Best NBA Acquisitions During This Shortened Offseason

Joseph GoodeCorrespondent IIIDecember 15, 2011

Chris Paul Trade and the Best NBA Acquisitions During This Shortened Offseason

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    The Chris Paul trade saga is finally over, and he now has a new home. What a great pickup for the Clipper nation. 

    There still could be some more big moves in the next few days as the Dwight Howard rumors are still out and the Lakers seem motivated to do something.  

    Although this offseason has been shorter than the Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries marriage, it has been fun, exuberant and fulfilling. 

    Here are the best acquisitions thus far during this lockout-laden offseason.

Eddy Curry

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    The slimmed-down Eddy Curry is finally back in the league and motivated. He has lost a ton of weight and is still relatively young at 29 years old.  

    The Miami Heat desperately needed a capable big man in the middle, and Pat Riley is hoping that Curry can provide something this season.

    Curry had a lot of post moves while he was with the Bulls, and I am sure those skills have not diminished just yet. 

    A motivated Eddy Curry can make this Heat team one of the most dangerous teams ever. If he can stay healthy, then the sky is the limit for this team. 

Tracy McGrady

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    The Atlanta Hawks did a great job in signing Tracy McGrady.

    During his exile in Detroit, McGrady played very well, shooting 44 percent and facilitating the offense because the incumbent Rodney Stuckey could not do so.  

    The Hawks are hoping that McGrady will be the spark plug that Crawford was for them in previous seasons.

    Although I don’t see McGrady putting on a scoring barrage as he once did, he will provide this team some points and leadership. 

T.J. Ford

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    T.J. Ford had been locked up in a jail cell in Indiana because of injuries, disputes with coaches and probably committing some sort of crime.

    All kidding aside, Ford at one point was a point guard with a great future until the awful injury to his neck. 

    After riding the bench the last few seasons, Ford should be healthy and ready to give the Spurs a solid backup point guard to replace the recently traded George Hill.  

    The Spurs are the perfect system for Ford’s skill set, which is speed, quickness and a mid-range jumper. He will allow Tony Parker to have a breather on these back-to-back nights during this shortened season.

Chuck Hayes

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    Chuck Hayes is one of the most underrated signings. The Sacramento Kings desperately needed a glue guy who is willing to do all the dirty work. 

    The 6’6” Hayes will be the starting center for the Kings, and is the type of player that the town of Sacramento loves.

    He will provide energy by taking charges and causing chaos to the opposing team’s bigs.  

    Hayes is a nice complement to the budding DeMarcus Cousins. 

Chauncey Billups

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    Mr. Big Shot will bring his clutch shooting ability to Los Angeles.

    The trade of Eric Gordon really hurts this team, but at this age, Billups will be able to be a spot-up shooter at the shooting guard spot.  

    Billups is one of the most intelligent players in this league, and will find a way to utilize his skills with team.  

    Last season, the Clippers had a problem finishing games. Billups provides this team with a closer who can win and finish games.

Caron Butler

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    Caron Butler was having a great season for the Mavericks before the season-ending injury. He is a small forward who can score with the best of them, and can be a great defender when he wants too.  

    The Clippers sorely needed a small forward, and they pushed heavily to sign Butler. He will instantly be the starting small forward, and provide a balance for Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. 

    The Clippers are hoping that Butler is fully recovered, and can provide a third scoring option for them.

Shane Battier

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    Shane Battier wants to win a championship before his career is over, and so he decided to go to the team that was a few games shy of winning one.  

    The Miami Heat were one of the best defending teams in the league with the speed of the Big Three covering a lot ground.

    Battier gives the Heat another lockdown defender and a great spot-up shooter from the wing.  

    Battier makes the Heat another notch better than last season, and makes this team scary. 

David West

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    The Indiana Pacers are a young team on the rise. They have talent at every position besides the power forward spot. So they went out and signed David West.  

    Although, West is coming off an injury, he is a player who has so much skill in the post and mid-range that athleticism is not really needed.

    He also gives the Pacers a strong veteran presence, and will give them a great front line of Roy Hibbert, West and Danny Granger.  

    This team is going to be this year's Memphis Grizzlies. 

Rip Hamilton

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    Rip Hamilton give the Bulls a player who can shoot, defend and can complement Derrick Rose very well. Rip has won a championship, and will have the fire and drive to motivate the Bulls to the next level.  

    The signing of Hamilton, which was announced via, makes the Bulls the most complete team in the league where they can go 10 deep.

    The signing of Rip was a very quiet signing, but I believe that the Bulls will be pleased by it during the playoffs.

Eric Gordon and Minnesota’s Pick

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    I must say that David Stern did a great job in receiving young talent for the phenomenal Chris Paul.  

    Eric Gordon is a budding star, who averaged 22 points a game and he is only 22 years of age. Gordon also showed glimpses of being a great defender, which bodes well for coach Monte Williams.

    Gordon will be a great complement for a superstar talent that the Hornets can get with the Minnesota pick. 

    The Minnesota pick will likely be a top-five pick, and New Orleans can pair that pick with their own, which will also be a top-five pick, and come away with some very talented players.  

    This upcoming draft is said to be one of the deepest drafts in memory, and the Hornets can pick who they want to pair with Gordon.

Lamar Odom

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    The Lakers made a horrendous move in shipping Odom off to Dallas because he wanted to get traded.  

    Did I mention that the Mavericks swept the Lakers in their last playoff series? And the Lakers only received a first-round pick from the Mavericks, which will likely be a late-round pick. This was a move to free up cap space in hopes of getting Dwight Howard and whoever else.  

    The pickup of Odom gives the Mavericks the best forward combination in the league with Shawn Marion and Dirk Nowitzki. I will be intrigued to see what starting lineup Coach Carlisle will use.  

    The loss of Chandler hurt the Mavs deeply, but the trade for Odom makes this team better in a different way. Odom can rebound, defend and handle the rock. He is also a two-time champion. 

Tyson Chandler

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    During Chandler’s stint in Dallas, he changed the landscape and the mentality of the Mavericks.

    Along with Dirk’s incredible postseason performance, Chandler brought in intensity and leadership that this team had sorely lack over the last 10 years.  

    Now Chandler will be the help defender for Amar'e and Carmelo, who have never been known to play any sort of defense. The acquisition of Chandler is far more beneficial than what Chris Paul would have brought to this Knicks team.  

    I’m going to say it: Tyson Chandler makes the New York Knicks a scary team and a title contender. He brings a fire and championship pedigree that most teams do not have in a player.

Chris Paul

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    After all the complications with the numerous trade offers between the two LA teams and New Orleans, Chris Paul is finally in Hollywood. But he will instead suit up for the Clippers. 

    Can you imagine Paul throwing alley-oops to both Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan? If those two bigs can learn how to play some defense, then this team can be deadly. 

    Paul is the best point guard in the game, and he will provide great leadership, court vision and a defensive prowess.

    Chris Paul is hands down the best acquisition in this offseason. He instantly makes the Clippers a title contender. Yes, I said it. The Clipper bandwagon is now boarding new fans.