WWE's Dumbest Moves in 2011

Joseph BarattaContributor IIIFebruary 13, 2012

WWE's Dumbest Moves in 2011

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    The WWE has gone through another year full of exciting events to remember. Debuts of new superstars were made, new faces emerged to be either hated or loved. In 2011, The WWE gave us memorable moments, matches and icons that were awarded for the year 2011.

    However, the WWE has also done some very bad decision-making this past year, but that is the nature of the business. For WWE, 2011 was like all the other years: along with the memorable matches, the WWE made some decisions that were not the best ideas or events.

    This slideshow is a countdown of the WWE's dumbest ideas for the year 2011.

    Note: There is no specific order except for the last slide, which is No. 1 on this list!

An End to the RAW GM

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    When Triple H took over the show, the RAW GM computer was put to an end? So who was he/she? 

    This left a lot of things unanswered!

    Why end it?! It was a very interesting plot twist, fans at home or at the events always wondered when would the RAW GM reveal himself/herself? Who was he/she? Is it someone the fans know/or someone new? ETC. ETC.

    Many people speculated Stone Cold Steve Austin, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, or even Mick Foley was the RAW GM. But we'll never know now!

    We'll never know who the mysterious RAW GM was, we'll never know why he was mysterious? All we do know is that we don't have to hear Michael Cole make announcements anymore for a computer!

Handling Kaitlyn

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    WWE Diva Kaitlyn is the winner of NXT season 3, which means she is awarded and automatic title opportunity whenever she wants. So what's stopping her?

    Why hasn't Kaitlyn gotten her title shot yet?

    Why wasn't she the one to attack Vickie Guerrero at the Royal Rumble instead of Kelly Kelly?

    What is she doing right now?

    What is the company doing to Kaitlyn?

    The company better figure out their stuff to know what to do with a superstar like Kaitlyn. And for their sake, they may not want to release her, like they did Melina.

John Cena's Announcement for WrestleMania

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    One week after accepting The Rock's challenge for a match at WrestleMania 28, the next week, John Cena says to the WWE Universe the match will be for the WWE championship....WHY?!

    What's the point? How will adding the WWE championship between the Rock and John Cena make the match Bigger?! The answer is: IT WON'T! It will just take away an Event for WreslteMania.

    WWE fans are pretty confident that Cena's promise will not happen, and that CM Punk will hopefully defend the WWE championship at WrestleMania. But to even mention that the matchup of all time will be for the WWE Championship was really a waste of time. And if the WWE does decide to go with this idea, well, then WrestleMania 28 probably won't be as exciting as many had hoped it would be.

John Cena Drafted Twice

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    On the night of the WWE draft John Cena was drafted to Smackdown at the start of the show. Which was a big shocker at the time, up until a certain point when fans knew he would be drafted back to RAW.

    The WWE draft night opened up with Smackdown winning the first match of the night, and the result of the match was John Cena being drafted to Friday Night Smackdown for the first time since 2004.

    But then at the end of the night, the RAW team won the main event, which meant they got another draft choice. And Wouldn't you know it they decided to draft Cena again.

    So what was the point of drafting Cena to Smackdown in the first place? Nothing, there was no Point At All!

    Another clue that Cena would be drafted back to RAW, was when Randy Orton was also drafted to Smackdown. It was pretty obvious that with Edge retired they needed to move one big superstar from one show to another, and the choices were John Cena or Randy Orton.

    This also killed the suspense of if John Cena would win the cage match at Extreme Rules 2011. And it was safe to say that when Cena came back to RAW, it was guaranteed.

    This was a waste of time, waste of a draft, and a waste of suspense.

Truth and Morrison's Rivalry Went Nowhere

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    After R-truth had turned heel, his rival appeared to be his former friend, John Morrison. Unfortunately, in the following weeks, John Morrison suffered a pinched nerve at the Extreme Rules 2011 pay-per-view, so the rivalry would be put on hold.

    Fans everywhere were expecting Morrison to return before SummerSlam 2011, where he and R-truth would face each other in a match. And they did, but unfortunately Morrison faced off against Truth with tag team partners. The match at SummerSlam was a six-man tag team match. It was John Morrison, Rey Mysterio and Alex Riley vs. R-truth, Alberto Del Rio and The Miz.

    R-Truth and Morrison would face each other on Monday Night RAW, but they would never main event any pay-per-views against each other.

    Why not?!

    It was a good rivalry and it had a lot of anticipation; fans everywhere were looking forward to the match and they didn't get it.

    Instead, Morrison would go on a long losing streak, with no feuds and not enough time on RAW, while R-truth teamed with the Miz to main event at Night of Champions, Hell in a Cell, Vengeance and Survivor Series.

    Now that Morrison is gone, and R-truth is feuding with the Miz, at this point, it doesn't matter now. Still, WWE missed out big time on this.

Beth Phoenix and Natalya Are Almost Like Lay-Cool

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    The idea of turning Natalya and Beth Phoenix to heel characters was not a bad suggestion, but the creativity of their heel characters was not very original. If you look at it through a perspective, Natalya and Beth Phoenix are acting as annoying as Michelle McCool and Layla in the group Lay-Cool.

    They talk as much as Lay-cool, they complain as much as Lay-cool, they cheat as much as Lay-Cool (which is expected of a heel character) and they sound as annoying as Lay-Cool.

    If you're gonna turn the Divas to heels, at least make sure that the idea is creative and original. Beth Phoenix and Natalya just appear as ripoffs of Lay-Cool.

    Granted, they do have their differences from Lay-Cool. They are tougher than Lay-Cool, they are more brutal, they actually have a goal —unlike Lay-Cool—but still, the two of them are just like Michelle McCool and Layla were when Lay-Cool was running the show. They're as annoying, unbearable and whiny as Lay-Cool.

    Don't believe it? Just watch the heel versions of Natalya and Beth Phoenix and Lay-Cool back to back, then see if they are not similar.

R-Truth's Loss at Capital Punishment

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    I know this list seems to mostly involve R-truth, but I can't help but notice the dumb things WWE has done to him.

    At the WWE pay-per-view Capital Punishment, R-truth began his feud against John Cena. Unfortunately, like most of R-truth's feuds, that is where it also ended. Though the way it ended was creative, it was also really pathetic.

    The way it ended was a kid decided to splash R-truth in the face with his drink, allowing Cena to hit R-truth with the Attitude Adjustment and retain the WWE championship. Later, Cena acknowledged the kid and brought him into the ring for the whole arena to see. True, while it was a creative ending to a good match, it was also really stupid. A kid costing a WWE superstar a title match? What's next, a kid decides to have John Cena and The Rock be friends? Yeah, that's a joke!

    So now superstars are losing matches because of water being splashed in their faces? What's next, superstars end up injured because they got covered in soda? In other words, how do you lose a match by getting water splashed into your face? FIGURE IT OUT, because I sure don't know!

The Way R-Truth Turned Heel

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    On a personal note: I would like to point out that the move to turn R-truth a heel was not a bad idea, but the way they did it was not the best.

    R-truth had earned his title match in a triple threat steel cage match against the WWE champion The Miz and John Cena. Then the company decides to give the title shot to John Morrison, one week after R-truth had proven he was ready to be WWE champion.

    The original plan was to have John Morrison be one of the No. 1 contenders for the triple threat steel cage match at the Extreme Rules pay-per-view. Then after John Morrison spoke his mind about certain issues revolving around his girlfriend, Melina, and WWE legend Trish Stratus, the company decided to go in a different direction with the event at Extreme Rules.

    So R-truth was awarded John Morrison's spot in the match, only to have it taken away one week earlier by John Morrison himself. As a result, R-truth turned heel and beat up his former tag-team partner and friend.

    The only good thing about this was it set up a rivalry between John Morrison and R-truth, which led to nowhere.

    However, WWE would not have done this move without consulting R-truth. Still, they changed their original idea, then changed their new one. Again, WWE needs to make up their minds!

WWE Releasing Melina

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    Yes, this certainly was a disappointment. Earlier this year, WWE came to terms on releasing WWE diva Melina Perez, and it was a shocker.

    Melina, at the time, was not getting as much time on TV as most fans had hoped for, which probably led to her being released from the company. Melina was and still is one of the best female wrestlers to have ever worked for World Wrestling Entertainment. Her contribution to the company was and is unforgettable. But when WWE started focusing more time on younger Divas such as Aksana, Kaitlyn and AJ, it would seem they started to think less and less of Melina.

    Melina also received a lot of backstage heat due to the issue surrounding her and the relationship with her boyfriend, John Morrison.

    Releasing Melina has a big downside: she was an enjoyable character whether a heel or face, she is a fantastic wrestler and she's great on the mic. And who knows what she would've done if she had faced off against Natalya and Beth Phoenix.

    WWE fans still are missing Melina's presence in the Divas division, and releasing her this year had its negative results. True, nobody knows what would've happened to her if she would have stayed with the WWE to this day, but the fact of the matter is the WWE lost their grip on a phenomenal woman and wrestler!

John Morrison Leaving

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    Even though Morrison decided to leave the company after his contract ran out, it was still a big loss!

    John Morrison was just proving his worth of being in a race for the WWE championship, he was just starting to enter a feud with R-truth. Morrison is still a very talented superstar. WWE should've figured out some way to hold onto one of their most prized superstars.

    Some people argue that the release of Melina was the first step to Morrison's departure from the company. But on the contrary, Melina's departure had nothing to do with JoMo losing his "MoJo" (yes, I did say that!). Another possibility discussed on the departure of John Morrison was his comments about Trish Stratus. Why would that have anything to do with his release? Good question—find an answer!

    It is still very complicated to understand why WWE would not want to hold onto this guy. He is talented, he is very physical and he is so exciting to watch. The only thing he would have needed to improve on would have probably been his microphone skills.

    Either way, John Morrison is gone now and it stinks...

Rey Mysterio Wins and Loses the WWE Championship on the Same Night!

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    This was the dumbest idea the WWE did last year. On the same night that Rey Mysterio won the vacant WWE championship, he lost the title to his friend, John Cena.

    Apparently, this was to be set up so that John Cena would face CM Punk again at SummerSlam so that one of them would be declared the Undisputed WWE Champion. But why cost Rey Mysterio his first and, right now, only WWE championship? 

    This sucked. It made WWE completely predictable, and it did make it seem like John Cena was the poster boy for the company—until CM Punk came along!

    It was pointless, predictable and Rey Mysterio deserved better!

    The only upside to this was it made the main event at SummerSlam 2011 more exciting.

    WWE has done some questionable things in the past, and they will probably do some more in the future, but the company still finds some way to entertain their fans.