Liverpool FC: 5 Reasons Why the Reds Should Buy Back Fernando Torres

Jake WareCorrespondent IIIDecember 15, 2011

Liverpool FC: 5 Reasons Why the Reds Should Buy Back Fernando Torres

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    In January 2011, Liverpool hero Fernando Torres left the club to join rivals Chelsea in a £50 million deal. He had submitted an official transfer request to force through a move to the Stamford Bridge club, and departed in a swirl of controversy and anger from the fans who had worshipped him for so long. Torres has struggled since the move to London, having made 35 appearances but scoring just five goals.

    In recent days, the transfer rumour world has been set alight with news that Torres might be on his way out.

    Multiple sources, as well as Bleacher Report correspondent Eamonn Quinn, have reported that Chelsea's manager, Andre Villas-Boas, is set to cut the club's losses and let Torres go for a possible bargain price of £20 million.

    This has inevitably sparked a debate about whether or not Liverpool should buy him back. Here are five reasons why they should.

5. A Kick in Chelsea's Teeth

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    When Torres left for Chelsea, it was because he was lured there; lured with the promise of money, success and a step up in the footballing world.

    Now, Liverpool have the chance to return the favour.

    Admittedly, £20 million is too much to pay just to take revenge on a rival but as it will come along with the purchase, it might be worth it. Liverpool fans would love to get back at their enemies from London after they took Torres then Raul Meireles. Stealing the Spaniard back would certainly serve to do that.

4. Andy Carroll Is Struggling

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    When Fernando Torres was let go, Liverpool were hoping that part of the burden from his loss would be carried by £35 million signing Andy Carroll. However, Carroll has not stepped up to that role just yet, managing just five goals in his 23 Reds appearances. 

    Carroll is just 22 years old, and while he has a bright future ahead of him in the Liverpool red, he has proven that he is not yet mature enough to succeed at Anfield.

    Liverpool need to improve up front, and Torres would serve to do that. At 27, Torres should be just in his prime and could help carry the load in the Liverpool attack until Carroll develops. A strike force of Torres, Carroll and Luis Suarez is impressive, in any case.

3. A £30 Million Profit

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    When Chelsea signed Torres for £50 million, many thought it was too much. They would be right, as he would go on to struggle there. Liverpool appeared to have sold him at the right time and gotten the best possible deal in doing it.

    Signing Torres for £20 million would mean Liverpool made a £30 million profit on him over the last 12 months, having started and ended that period with him. Even if he fails to return to his past form, Liverpool would have made money off him, even when you consider the £20 million Rafa Benitez paid for him in 2007. A pretty good bit of business, I'd say.

2. Luis Suarez Needs a Strike Partner

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    Since signing from Ajax for about two-thirds of the Torres money in January 2010, Luis Suarez has established himself as one of the Premier League's top strikers, having scored a total of 12 goals and adding 11 assists in 31 games.

    His record, already impressive on its own, becomes even more astounding when you take into consideration the fact that he has done it largely on his own. With Carroll's struggles, Steven Gerrard's injuries and Dirk Kuyt's move to the wing, Suarez has been Liverpool's only threat up front.

    A partnership of Suarez and Torres would instantly become one of the world's best, as Suarez's speed and skill would complement Torres' predatory instincts and pure finishing ability very well.

    With the two in their attack, Liverpool would be a threat on every move, and a team that has struggled to score goals in recent seasons would likely see the opposite. A Suarez-Torres partnership must be very tempting for King Kenny Dalglish.

1. His Goalscoring Record in a Liverpool Shirt

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    Torres may have left in bad blood, but one thing you cannot deny is that his time at Liverpool was great.

    As mentioned, in 35 total games at Chelsea Torres has scored just five times. It would be an understatement to say he has struggled. His time at Liverpool, however, was quite different.

    In 142 appearances at Anfield, Torres racked up an outrageous 82 goals, establishing himself as one of the most prolific strikers in the world. He spearheaded a Liverpool attack that enjoyed some of its most offensively potent seasons in recent memory. He was the catalyst in the Liverpool attack, the man to give the ball to if you wanted a goal. He was, to put it simply, awesome.

    Liverpool now have the chance to get that back.

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