Chicago Bulls' Complete Preseason Checklist and Breakdown

Sean O'DowdContributor IIIDecember 15, 2011

Chicago Bulls' Complete Preseason Checklist and Breakdown

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    With the season soon to begin and an upcoming date with the Lakers on Christmas, it's easy to overlook the preseason games that are upcoming in the next few days and weeks. 

    Most people don't care about the preseason. The common misconception is that the preseason is just a few games that don't matter. Although this year, it is anything but. Due to a lack of an offseason, it's very interesting to see how the different story lines play out during the preseason games against Indiana

Ronnie Brewer as the Starting Shooting Guard

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    As any Bulls fan would expect, Ronnie Brewer has been working as the starting shooting guard during practice so far this season. Bulls fans should tune in and watch to see how Brewer does in the starting lineup during the preseason for one reason. Brewer will start for a while.

    Even if the Bulls bring in Rip Hamilton as expected, Ronnie Brewer will remain as the starting shooting guard for a while.

    Look at last season for example, Tom Thibodeau kept Keith Bogans as the starter all season, even though Ronnie should have started. 

    In any case, Rip Hamilton will start the season coming off the bench. Tom Thibodeau won't let a new player to his system start anytime soon. As a result, Bulls fans should tune in and watch to see how Ronnie Brewer does in his debut as a starter.

Carlos Boozer: New and Improved

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    If the Bulls are going to have any chance at knocking off Miami this season, Carlos Boozer will need to step his game up and score at a consistent rate. More importantly though, Boozer will need to stay 100 percent healthy this season.

    Fortunately, ESPN Chicago reported that Boozer came to camp this season in great shape and has trimmed down considerably.

    As a result, Bulls fans should keep an eye on Boozer during the preseason. And hope his quickness has returned due to his lighter frame.

Joakim Noah's Game

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    Joakim Noah has so much potential, he can be a consistent fixture at the All-Star game if, and this is a big if, he manages to stay healthy. 

    Throughout the past year, I've written a lot about how trading Noah for Dwight Howard just doesn't make sense. Because Noah has game. Last season before his ankle was hurt, Noah was a solid player for the Bulls.

    During this year, Joakim is more than capable of averaging 16 points per game, 15 or so boards, and two assists per game. Not to mention, being a defensive powerhouse.

    So during this preseason, watch Joakim Noah as he plays. If he is 100 percent healthy and not hampered by his ankle, then expect to see him in the All-Star game with Derrick Rose.

Jimmy Butler

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    If a rookie gets as much publicity as Jimmy Butler has received in just a few days of practice, then he's doing something right. Butler was drafted for two reasons. One is to be a backup to Luol Deng, and get him some well deserved rest. Second, is to be another long defender who can take on LeBron and Dwayne with the Heat. 

    Butler has received positive comments from people through the Bulls organization. He has already been noted for coming to practice early, and leaving late. Great way to start off strong in Tom Thibodeau's eyes. 

    Butler will probably receive similar playing time as Omer Asik did last year. He will barely play in the beginning of the season, but by the end, will be a member of the back court rotation. 

    As a result, Bulls fans should watch preseason games to keep an eye on Jimmy Butler to see what all the hype is about.