What Is the Deal With Team SEC?

Nate BrooksCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

Over the course of the past two years, I have noticed a new practice among fans of teams from the SEC—a publicly known practice of chanting "S...E...C, S...E...C" during the teams' games. I ask these fans of "Team" SEC: Where does this conference love come from?

During an Auburn and West Virginia matchup, who do Alabama fans root for? When Gators and Seminoles tangle, where do the allegiance for the Dawgs lie? When LSU almost lost to Troy, was the champagne on ice in Oxford? Where does this conference love come from?

Rivals are what makes College Football what is it. Outside of a few good rivals in the pro game, College Football delivers heated matchups weekly based solely off the hate that one school has for another. Rivals are the heart of College Football.

It's a safe bet to assume no one in Columbus felt bad when App State downed Michigan. TEAM SEC, it is time to look in the mirror. Be a fan of your school, not the conference. Where does this conference love come from?

Do your part as a College Football Fan, TEAM SEC, and hate thy neighbor.