5 Reasons the New York Jets Can Win Super Bowl XLVI

Nick RossContributor IDecember 14, 2011

5 Reasons the New York Jets Can Win Super Bowl XLVI

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    The 2011 New York Jets campaign has been an emotional roller coaster for those who invest three hours of their week watching Gang Green.

    It has been a season of streaks, and now the Jets find themselves at 8-5 and in control of their own playoff destiny. After last week's blowout victory, and the Jets looking the best they have all season, many New York fans and football fans in general may wonder:

    Can the New York Jets win it all?

    Here are five reasons the New York Jets can win Super Bowl XLVI.

Offensive Weapons

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    The New York Jets have plenty of talent on the offensive side of the football. In the beginning of the year,  the offense could not find its way and certainly shared responsibility for a 2-3 start that greatly hurt their chances at the playoffs and a Super Bowl run. As of recent it seems that their weapons have become comfortable and effective with the Jets winning six of their last eight.

    Santonio Holmes is a major asset for this team and is crucial for their success for the rest of the year. Holmes has seven touchdowns this season which is the most he has recorded since 2007. WIth a touchdown in each of his last three games, Holmes looks like he's only getting better as the season moves forward, which is a huge positive for the Jets passing attack.

    Plaxico Burress was a high-risk acquisition this offseason and he has more than earned his keep. Burress also has seven touchdowns on the year and is in many ways responsible for the Jets being in control of their own destiny.

    When the Jets were 3-3, they hosted the 4-1 San Diego Chargers. In a pivotal game for the Jets, Burress was able to catch three touchdown passes as the Jets edged the Chargers 27-21. In Week 12, Plax showed more heroics as the Jets were 5-5 and fighting for their playoff lives. Burress had a touchdown catch and a leaping one-handed catch to convert on a crucial 3rd and 11 with under two minutes to play. The Jets would go on to score a touchdown on the drive and win the game.

    Burress has shown he has found his niche in the Jets offense. He has been gracious (publicly) when seemingly not a key to their gameplan, and has been clutch when his number has been called. His efficiency in the red zone has been his biggest asset and the Jets have found a way to utilize him to his full potential.

    Dustin Keller needs to be active for the Jets to continue progressing into a Super Bowl contender. Keller has been relatively efficient as of recent and the Jets offense is at its best when he is making plays. Keller seems to be someone that can get Sanchez into a groove, and it is important that these Jets weapons can get and keep their young quarterback confident over the course of the game.

    All three of these players give the Jets an aerial attack that must be respected. Now that the players are acclimated with each other, after the addition of Plax, it seems this group can be dangerous come playoff time.

Pass Rush

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    The Jets have found the pieces to provide a formidable pass rush. This is crucial considering their efficiency against the run and the quality cover corners they have.

    With the emergence of Aaron Maybin, New York has found someone who is scary good on passing downs. In the absence of Brian Thomas, Jamaal Westerman has also provided pressure on the quarterback. Bart Scott and David Harris have each also recorded four sacks a piece.

    By being efficient at pressuring the quarterback, the Jets have improved drastically on the defensive side of the ball.


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    Aside from the pass rush, the New York Jets defense is always the staple of this team's success. In the early part of the season it seemed to be in shambles. Darren McFadden made the New York Jets look like a high-school junior-varsity team.

    Last week proved quite the contrary. Kansas City had four yards total offense in the first half as the Jets were running on all cylinders. The team's personnel seems to be the best it has ever been with the improvement of corner Kyle Wilson and quality rookie output by defensive lineman Muhammed Wilkerson.

    The Jets suffered a devastating injury last week to Jim Leonhard but Brodney Poole is a quality replacement. Lets not forget the Jets flew all the way to the AFC Championship game last season with Leonhard sidelined and look to go even further this year. If the Jets are going to win it all, look for this group to be the reason why.

    If they play like the best defense in the league, the Jets will certainly be making a push to suit up February 5th.

Ground and Pound

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    The New York Jets have their identity back. With their great defense, this is their best offensive weapon. By running the football efficiently the Jets become dangerous—very dangerous. It forces other teams to make the most of fewer possessions against an all-world defense. Aside from that, it takes pressure off Sanchez and opens up their passing game.

    Shonn Greene is now healthy and running like an animal. His running style fits the mold for what the Jets are trying to do, and the offenses success depends so much on his ability to be consistent. With a healthy Shonn Greene and offensive line there is no reason the Jets can't impose their will on opponents from here on out and that could very well give Gang Green a shot at a Super Bowl ring. 

They Believe

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    Coach Rex Ryan and the New York Jets believe they can win the Super Bowl. As annoying and unreasonable as many fans and opponents think this coach is—it works.

    This group can be ridiculous with Super Bowl predictions but their cocky demeanor is a positive. When you have a coach that confident and in-your-face to the league it promotes the confidence needed for a championship team. The Jets have a quarterback who although scrutinized has proven to be a winner and clutch at the end of games.

    All these integral pieces have improved over the course of the season and appears as if it is about to mold into a complete project. The Jets have been so close these past two years and with the team going into its final three games hot, this could be the year they finally hoist the Lombardi Trophy.