Don't Let the Bed Bugs Bite: The SEC's Three Sleeper Teams for 2009

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IDecember 30, 2008

It has been another great year in the SEC with great upsets, big wins, and a lot of great players. Now I think everyone would agree Ole Miss upsetting Florida was the upset of the year in the SEC, and arguably the best upset in the country.

Next year should be another great year in the SEC. I have three top sleepers in the SEC for the 2009 season.

My number three choice is Vanderbilt because they are getting better every year and are going to their first bowl game since 1987. Also Vanderbilt has a great coach who has been offered head coaching jobs at several other great colleges throughout the country, and along with that coach they have a great quarterback that doesn't get injured and is about as tough as Tim Tebow.

My number two choice is Mississippi State. The reason why is because of their new coach. Yes, I know next year will be his first year as the head football coach, but Houston Nutt coached a great ball team this year, and it was his first year as Ole Miss's head coach. Also, Mississippi State has some great running backs on board, and if they can find a pro-style quarterback, they will be a great team.

My number one sleeper team in the SEC is Ole Miss. I know that they have a great team this year, but I have heard three of the top professionals say that Ole Miss will not have a good team next year, and I 100 percent disagree with them. Ole Miss has a great coach, and they have speedy players to run the Wild Rebel formation with, so basically Ole Miss has a great team on their hands.

So these are my top three sleepers for 2009 in the SEC, and I believe by the way I look at it these teams do not need to get underestimated, or someone is going to get upset.