Christian Cage Is Coming Back To The WWE

Cj LeeCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

Let me be the first to correct some things that have been floating around Bleacher Report.

Christian Cage is on his way back to the WWE as reported on, but he DOES NOT have to wait the 90 days to make an appearance.

There is speculation that he does or doesn't have the 90 day no compete clause.

Also to be noted, if he wanted to return to the WWE as "Christian Cage" he can. He himself owns the rights to the name simply because he used the name before even wrestling in WWE to begin with. In all honesty he should come back to the WWE as Christian Cage and not just 'Christian'!

To be clear, he could be making an appearance very soon. Yes, he will be at the Royal Rumble but it is not known in what capacity.

Only time will prove whom the most accurate Bleacher Report writer is, so hold all opinions until then!

HINT - I know Jayson Reso (Christian) personally and have been acquainted with him since he first left the WWE for TNA in the first place:-)