John Eeks Out Edge in NFL Preseason Predictions

John StepnickCorrespondent IDecember 30, 2008

As you may recall, in our team previews at the beginning of the year we took a shot at predicting each team's final record. Well, the tallies are in and John has taken the edge...barely.

John was a total of 105 games off for all teams in the league. I was a total of 106 games off for all teams in the league.

John hit the nail on the head with three teams, accurately calling Pittsburgh's 12-4 record, Tampa Bay's 9-7 record and Arizona's 9-7 record.

I only managed two correct predictions: Arizona at 9-7 and Denver at 8-8.

Counting the teams we got right, we both predicted 13 records within two games of their actual record.

The embarrassing part of this post comes in our playoff predictions.

John's Playoff Teams


Division Champs: New England, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis
Wild Cards: Jacksonville, NY Jets

Division Champs: Dallas, Seattle, New Orleans, Green Bay
Wild Cards: Washington, Detroit


Ian's Playoff Teams


Division Champs: San Diego, New England, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh
Wild Cards: Indianapolis, Buffalo


Division Champs: Dallas, Green Bay, Seattle, New Orleans
Wild Cards: Washington, Arizona

John landed three of 12 playoff teams, and I managed slightly better with four. Don't come to us for playoff predictions before the season happens. Ouch.