NFL Power Rankings: Rating the League's Best Return Men

Brian RoachCorrespondent IDecember 14, 2011

NFL Power Rankings: Rating the League's Best Return Men

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    Each NFL team has a return man, but there are only five of them who deserve to be the best, according to Sports Illustrated. These are the return men who know how to get the ball into the end zone and can do it at a prolific rate.

    Some of these players include Patrick Peterson of the Arizona Cardinals and Devin Hester of the Chicago Bears. These players will get their touches and will eventually run it all the way back for a touchdown. A return touchdown is one of the most exciting plays in the NFL.

5. DeSean Jackson, Philadelphia Eagles

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    DeSean Jackson has been a prolific NFL return man and a great wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    He averages about one touchdown every 28 returns, according to Sports Illustrated.

    Jackson's most well-known punt return was the one against the New York Giants in 2010.

    He ran down the clock, and it is the only game-winning return in NFL history.

4. Reggie Bush, Miami Dolphins

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    Reggie Bush made it on this list because of his 2008 All-Pro punt-return season.

    He is the only running back in the league that is also a punt returner.

    He averages one touchdown per every 24 returns and still uses his speed to his advantage with the Miami Dolphins.

3. Adam Jones, Cincinnati Bengals

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    Adam "Pacman" Jones is still one of the elite return men in the NFL, and his ability to run the ball down the field is very impressive for everything he has been through with the law in recent years.

    Jones averages a touchdown per 23 returns and is still getting back into his role as return man for the Cincinnati Bengals.

2. Patrick Peterson, Arizona Cardinals

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    Patrick Peterson is the best return man in 2011, with four return touchdowns on the season.

    His ability to reach the end zone is extraordinary, as he averages one touchdown every eight returns in his rookie season.

    Peterson is not No. 1 on my list due to the fact that it is only his rookie year. Who knows what can happen in the future?

1. Devin Hester, Chicago Bears

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    Devin Hester holds the career record for kickoff and punt returns for touchdowns in NFL history.

    His touchdown rate may be one touchdown per 17 returns, but if he keeps it up, he will just keep adding to his total.

    Hester started his career in 2006 and has many more seasons ahead of him to add to his NFL-leading 17 total returns for touchdowns.