The 10 Lowest Low-Blows in MMA History

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The 10 Lowest Low-Blows in MMA History

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    Boom. Down he goes.

    We've all seen or heard of the late swing, the cheap-shot inside-leg kick that just happens to catch the sweet spot of a fighter and everything else.

    Over the years, the sport of mixed-martial arts has endured their fair share of low blows; for some reason or another, a specific fighter feels the need to participate in such an action.

    While the low-blow has certainly been present since the sport of mixed-martial arts first came to be, it's likely that it will continue to be seen as we approach 2012.

    So, the following slides display the ten lowest low-blows in MMA history.

    Let's take a look.

10. Frank Mir Gets Stomped by Wes Sims

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    It's very rare that you'll ever see a fighter get their face stomped in.

    Well, UFC 43 was an exception to that rule as Frank Mir and Wes Sims squared off in one of the most-anticipated bouts of the evening.

    Mir found himself on the ground as Sims began to kick away.

9. Cheick Kongo Groin Shots

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    There isn't just one instance when Cheick Kongo has been sighted connecting on a vicious groin shot.


    Because he's done it his entire career.

8. Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou Goes Postal

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    Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou must have never been part of a victory before, as he obviously had never read the rule book.

    Rule No. 1: When the referee stops the fight, the fight is over.

    Well, Sokoudjou continued to swing away at Jan Nortje after the bout had been declared final.

7. Renato Sobral Doesn't Let Go of David Heath

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    Another rule: When a fighter taps out, the fight is over by submission.

    However, when Renato Sobral met David Heath at UFC 74, the rule must have slipped his mind.

    Instead of freeing an already-submitted Heath, Sobral chose to ride the wave.

6. Gilbert Yvel Takes One for the Team

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    One of the lowest blows in mixed-martial-arts history came when Gilbert Yvel endured a low-waist kick from legend Wanderlei Silva.

    Nothing else needs to be said.

5. Rousimar Palhares Makes Tomas Drwal Suffer

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    Once again, an instance where a fighter breaks the rules of stoppage.

    Rousimar Palhares had placed in a tight-enough heel hook for Tomas Drwal to tap. However, Palhares held on for dear life as the referee finally broke up the controversial bout.

4. Paul Daley Connects on Josh Koscheck

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    The only problem with Paul Daley's vicious strike on Josh Koscheck was that it came after the fight had already been decided.

    This seemed to be the telling tail for the highly problematic man in Daley.

3. Gilbert Yvel Goes Mike Tyson

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    Are you surprised to see another Gilbert Yvel-sighting on this last?

    Well, you shouldn't be.

    Yvel went Mike Tyson, and the rest needs not to be explained.

2. Atilla Kubilay Attempts to Make Name for Himself

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    Atilla Kubilay squared off with Richard Bowkett in what would result in one of the lowest blows in mixed-martial-arts history.

    Not even a second into action, Kubilay threw a strike, only to follow it up with an illegal knee later in the bout.

    After numerous individuals had to restrain him, Kubilay appeared to be calm and collected.

    Or not.

1. Gilbert Yvel Cheap Shots Referee

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    Every fighter has come across a disagreement with a referee at some point over the course of their MMA careers.

    However, few choose to go about it the way Gilbert Yvel did.

    Yvel winds up and drops the official after an argument in the corner of the ring.



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