UFC Predictions: Who Will Hold the Titles at Each Weight Class in 2012?

Chris AlfaroContributor IIIDecember 14, 2011

UFC Predictions: Who Will Hold the Titles at Each Weight Class in 2012?

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    As 2011 winds down, UFC fans can look back on an excellent year full of great matchups and exciting fights.

    Naturally, as the year winds down, with only one big event left, eyes turn toward the horizon. After an exciting year, 2012 looks like it could be even better with more cards, more fights and even a new weight class to look forward to.

    So with all the excitement next year is sure to bring, lets take a look at the most sought-after prize in MMA.

    Who will be wearing UFC gold in the coming year?

Flyweight: Demetrious Johnson

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    On March 3rd, the UFC will hold the first contests in the new flyweight division. Two current bantamweights will drop down to enter a mini-tournament to determine the inaugural champion.

    Demetrious Johnson will use his incredible speed and footwork to outwork his opponents running through the tournament.

    Look for Johnson to be the first to wear flyweight gold in 2012.

Bantamweight: Urijah Faber

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    During the WEC days, Urijah Faber was the face of the featherweight division and the WEC as a whole. Recently, he has struggled to earn UFC gold, going 0-4 in his last four title fights.

    After a razor-thin decision against Dominick Cruz and a two-round dismantling of Brian Bowles, expect Urijah Faber to come back in force.

    Come 2012, Faber will close the trilogy on a high note and earn a UFC belt.

Featherweight: Frankie Edgar

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    Frankie Edgar? As a featherweight? In 2012 it will happen.

    Edgar will take on Jose Aldo in 2012 for the featherweight title and earn gold.

    While Dana White has said that Edgar would have to vacate his title to drop weight, he won't have to because of... 

Lightweight: Benson Henderson

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    When the WEC merged with the UFC, the lightweight division was absorbed. WEC fighters were expected to be trampled by the stronger competition and fade into obscurity.

    Benson Henderson has proved the exact opposite. He has demolished every fighter put in his path. In 2012, he'll take the lightweight strap.

Welterweight: Carlos Condit

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    With GSP out until late 2012, Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz will fight for the interim title. Expect Condit to use his superior striking to claim the strap.

    But that's not all. With GSP recovering from an extensive surgery and suffering a long layoff, he won't be himself when he returns.

    Expect Condit to be the man to end GSP's welterweight reign.

Middleweight: Anderson Silva

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    Anderson Silva has shattered records: the longest-reigning UFC champ, most title defenses, longest win streak. Silva has made history.

    Chael Sonnen will get his second shot at Silva, but Silva will prove the first fight was a fluke.

    Expect Silva to continue to build his incredible legacy in 2012. 

Light Heavyweight: Jon Jones

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    Parallels are being drawn between Jon Jones and Anderson Silva every day. With every title defense, Jones is proving that he is indeed walking in Silva's footsteps.

    Much like Silva, expect Jones to continue decimating his opponents in the new year. The young phenom has a strong grip on the belt; it will take a miracle for him to let go.

Heavyweight: Junior Dos Santos

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    Junior dos Santos is a bad man. Some might say "the baddest man on the planet."

    After tearing through the heavyweight division and earning the belt in just 64 seconds, there is no one on equal footing with dos Santos.

    Next year, he'll take on all comers and knock them out.


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    Next year there will be a lot of movement in the UFC title picture. With the first ever flyweight belt bringing the total of number of titles to eight, we can expect to see a year jam-packed with awesome title fights.

    Agree or disagree with any of my picks? Sound off in the comments.