NFL's 5 Worst Television Personalities

BR StudiosFeatured ColumnistDecember 13, 2011

An NFL team wouldn’t hire a kicker who can’t kick, or a QB who can’t pass, but the networks that broadcast the league seem to have no problem hiring analysts who can’t talk.

As fans we don’t have unrealistic expectations for our NFL personalities: Be prepared, offer useful insight and entertain us.

Yet so often the powers that be at the networks think it’s more important to have a big name in the booth, even if that guy sucks at explaining football to the audience.

Mike Ditka was terrific as a coach, but he screams catchphrases like he’s gone insane every time they turn his mic on.

Shannon Sharpe’s war with intonation is funny in small doses, but when CBS asks him to read highlights it just seems mean. 

Joe Theismann is like the Larry Brown of awful NFL announcers—he’s been bad on every night and on every network. 

Bleacher Report NFL expert Owen Clark breaks down the top five worst NFL television personalities in this edition of Spotlight. 

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