WWE TLC 2011: Can Mark Henry and Big Show Top Their Last Match?

Jessica Eberle@Bookjunkie87Contributor IIIDecember 13, 2011

Vengeance 2011 proved to be the holder of the "Holy $#*!" moment of the year in the WWE. Big Show and Mark Henry took each other to the limit for the World Heavyweight Championship. This match was highly competitive but in the same respect, we have seen better from both competitors. In the end it was the ring that gave out before the superstars.

Once again, Big Show will face Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight Championship, this time in a feared chairs match. These two superstars have strength and power that nobody else in the WWE possesses. To make this match top all others that they have had together, they will be required to use those qualities.

Another thing that both of them have is the ability to cause severe pain to their opponents. This is a chairs match, so let’s make it look like one. This match has rules but the weapon that took Show out of action is available to them.

Henry has shown that he can use the chair to take sizable superstars out of action for many months and even end their careers. Big Show has shown us that he too can use the chair to lace fear in even Henry's heart to the point where he wants no part of Big Show.

Show is seeking revenge on Mark Henry in addition to winning the World title. So what Big Show needs to do is keep his temper under control and be a focused man during this match. Mark Henry is on track to retain his championship and cause pain to his opponent once again enter him into the Hall of Pain. Saying that, these men should keep their tempers controlled so neither of them are disqualified or counted out. Thus, the title will have a chance to change hands and the viewers receive the match they desire.

I believe that these two heavyweights can top their last match simply by having a conclusion. When the ring collapsed at Vengeance, there was something lost by ending the match that way. The viewers need to see the current champion retain or the challenger crowned the new World heavyweight champion.