Champs Sports Bowl: Florida State's Kenny Shaw Starts Chirping at Notre Dame

Christopher Chavez@@Chris_J_ChavezAnalyst IIDecember 13, 2011

This is the face of the man that has started the trash talking before the Champs Sports Bowl.
This is the face of the man that has started the trash talking before the Champs Sports Bowl.Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Florida State's fifth-leading receiver has decided to add fuel to the fire with less than three weeks to go until the Champs Sports Bowl, where they face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

Kenny Shaw spoke out about the upcoming game and his expectations saying, "We expecting it to be a blowout, but if it happens to be a tough fight then we gonna get the job done." 

Shaw is making a bold move as he decides to speak out against Notre Dame. He got a concussion in a game against Oklahoma. Now he will be matched up against some of the Irish's best defensive players like Aaron Lynch and if he dares cross through the middle, Manti Te'o. Jamoris Slaughter and Harrison Smith will definitely keep him on their radars as safeties. 

He has 30 catches with four touchdowns and just over 354 yards. Notre Dame's Cierre Wood isn't even a wide receiver and has almost as many catches.

He is not one of the top players on the Florida State team, so the question is why is he talking? He will only be bringing attention to himself and that is something that may not end well when it's dissing the opposing team. 

Notre Dame's Aaron Lynch may have heard of the trash-talking coming from Florida and responded with a tweet: "ND likes to earn respect. We dont Disrespect. We like competition, but we love people who disrespect us! Brings the Killa out!" 

Lynch may have Shaw in his cross-hairs. If the Irish stay quiet, Shaw may learn a lesson, on chirping the other team, the hard way on December 29th.