Use These BCS Bowl Trends to Your Advantage This Year!

ctsports picksAnalyst IDecember 29, 2008

Since the BCS system started, there have been 42 games! One of those was a pick 'em game that was won by USC in the Rose Bowl in 2007 over Michigan. Of the rest of the 41 games, the underdog is 21-20 against the spread!

This is what you would expect, but what you would not expect is that of those underdogs, 16 of those covers were actually wins straight up! Even more to this point is that in the last three seasons, underdogs are 7-6 against the number and 6-7 straight up. Now that is unbelievable profit if you bet the underdogs straight up!

You probably are saying those are all close spreads winning and covering. Well, double-digit underdogs were 3-4 against the spread, and two times they won the game straight up.

Let's break down each bowl to see how this breaks out to help us this year!


Rose Bowl

Nine games total here have been played, minus the one that was a pick 'em. Favorites have won seven times straight up and covered five times.


Sugar Bowl

In 10 total games, favorites and underdogs split against the spread with five apiece, but favorites have won seven of the 10 games.


Orange Bowl

Favorites and dogs split against the spread five apiece, but favorites won six of the 10 games straight up.


Fiesta Bowl

Underdogs are six of 10 both against the spread and straight up.


BCS Championship Game

Only two games as stand-alone game. Favorites and underdogs have split both against the spread and straight up.


To further break this down, here's the conference breakdown against the spread.

Pac-10 (9-3), Big East (7-3), SEC (9-6), Big 12 (6-8), Big Ten (6-11), ACC (3-7), MWC (1-0), WAC (1-1), and Independent (0-3).


What do all these numbers teach us this year? Well, first of all I would stay away from the conferences with a losing record. Second, if you are playing an underdog against the spread, also play straight up. Last, make sure you break down which bowls have had more upsets and examine them extra carefully.

Hope this helps all of you make tons of money this BCS bowl season. Get all your sports picks and articles at!