Reality Check

Razorback ExpatsSenior Analyst IDecember 29, 2008

Somewhere during the Hogs’ blowout of Northwestern State on Saturday, my mom, Mrs. McHawg, called me. 

I didn’t get the call because I was attending a Razorback Expats staff meeting at the Oyster Bar. 

The message she left was “If you don’t like the Hogs in this game you aren’t ever gonna like them.”

I know it’s not polite to disagree with one’s momma, but I didn’t much like the way the Hogs looked.  And Stephen and KevinHog, over fried catfish and fried oysters and fried okra and fried onion rings and fried fries, were trying to be upbeat. 

Stephen thinks these Hogs will be “exciting.”  KevinHog, who did not appear to be smoking crack, opined that he thought the Hogs would split the Big 12 mini-tour of Oklahoma and Texas.

Harrumph.  Me and Whit E. Knight spent the game grumbling.  About what, you say?  We beat them by forty!  Our press had them handing us the ball!  Courtney Fortson passes behind his back! Stephan Welsh scored 27!

A little perspective, folks.  So far, these Hogs have proven that they are contenders . . . in the Southland Conference.  And here’s what I saw Saturday: