Sugar Rush: Alabama Vs. Utah in the Sugar Bowl

L.C. May@lcmay474Correspondent IDecember 29, 2008

This year's matchup in the Allstate Sugar Bowl will be between SEC West champions Alabama and BCS buster Utah. Some call this just a rewind of last year, where for those of you that do not remember, Georgia dominated BCS buster Hawaii by a large margin. Others are calling it a rewind of Boise State vs. Oklahoma.

Which one will it be, an upset or a blowout? This is one of the games that you cannot say it is going to be close. It is rather going to be a blowout or upset, simple as that.

Now following college football like I do, I think Utah is going to bring it to Alabama and make them scared, but in the end Alabama, along with head football coach Nick Saban, will prevail and pull out a victory.

Now of course Alabama fans are upset that we are in New Orleans instead of Miami, but this is still a BCS bowl, and it is a great opportunity to be there. Now Utah, on the other hand, was a BCS buster in 2004 in the Fiesta Bowl, and they won that. You never know in college football—anything can happen.

Something that may hurt the Tide is the suspension of Outland Trophy winner Andre Smith. This folks is a real letdown for the players and fans, only because Andre Smith has only allowed one sack this season. I am not sure why he was suspended, but he should have known not to do something stupid before a big game like this.

So this might be where Utah can attack and go for the weak point in Alabama, but Nick Saban has already stated that one person gone isn't like the whole team is gone. Thus, Nick Saban should have his boys primed and ready to take on the Utah Utes.