Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Bill CroninContributor IDecember 29, 2008

Will Brett Favre once again retire?

For that question I do not have a certain answer but I will say that as a Jets fan, I would take him back in a heartbeat. Yes, Jets fans we do want Brett Favre to put on the green and white for us again in 2009 and i will tell you why—he is Brett Favre.

Brett has never been the cautious QB we would love him to be and that is what makes him so great and makes his play so outstanding, because he takes the risk. Although you will look at this season and criticize his every move, you cannot keep the blame solely on Favre.

Many things went wrong for the Jets, being a season ticket holder I watched almost every single one up close and personal. The blame can be spread around to all. The coaching staff, the defense, the team in general looked like they had caught amnesia and forgotten the way to play. Brett Favre does play a role but he is not the only reason.

Now that the Jets have made the move to fire their coach, it does put many things on the table. One, you need the commitment from Favre. That may be the most important part. I love Brett but he cannot hold us hostage for too long otherwise we are in some trouble.

Regardless of Brett's decision the coach they hire should be the same. An aggressive, fiery coach who keeps the players motivated for the whole season. Should Brett stay I think the important hiring will be offensive coordinator. Shottenhiemer has got to go, he is to conservative and that is not Brett Favre.

From here on we are all in waiting. Waiting for a new coach and hopefully the return of Brett Favre. We need to try and forget this season and move on. It will be hard, but as Jets fans we all know its never easy anyway.