The Hottest Ice Girl Pics Ever

Zack PumerantzAnalyst IIIDecember 14, 2011

The Hottest Ice Girl Pics Ever

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    While hockey features world-class skating, fierce shots and passionate fights, it also gives fans a bit of a beautiful complement to the painful exterior.

    As they gingerly glide from one end of the ice to the other, the Ice Girls of the NHL simultaneously excite fans and players.

    They may not be cheerleaders, but these Ice Girls properly counter professional hockey.

    Let's look at the hottest Ice Girl pics ever.


30. Trading Places

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    With the Anaheim Ducks seemingly giving players the sexiest complement to a strenuous 60-minute battle, recent departures Kurtis Foster and Timo Pielmeier (traded to the Devils on Monday) will undoubtedly be unhappy.

    However, with one's loss comes another's gain, as Rod Pelley and Mark Fraser will reap the benefits. 

29. Thrashing the Past

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    The Atlanta Thrashers may be a ghost town franchise in the eyes of NHL fans, but their Ice Girls certainly aren't lost with the sports world.

    Among the best in the league, these beauties kept unspectacular games moderately entertaining.

    The 13-12-4 Winnipeg Jets have some catching up to do in regards to aesthetics.

28. Hawks Are Soaring

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    This exuberant smile was undeniably in response to the Chicago Blackhawks' 2010 Stanley Cup victory, their first since 1961.

    Following years of stressful engagement, this team and its fans could finally breathe.

27. King of the Ice

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    If this Ice Girl's smile is anything like her team's record, it's close to reaching stardom but needs a bit of fine-tuning.

    The 13-12-4 Los Angeles Kings are almost there.

26. Neutral Beauty

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    It seems like the NHL is close to conquering the art of increasing attendance.

    Rather than having mundane umpires and distracted cheerleaders, the league needs to combine the two.

    Sexy referees would seemingly have the natural flow to excite the crowd and demand respect from players.

25. Change of Pace

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    While most fans likely assumed these girls only knew how to skate, doubters are now surprised to find out that these Ice Girls dominate on land as well.

    They seem quite enthusiastic about being dry.

24. Playing Hard to Get

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    As she attempts to ignore the camera, this Blackhawks Ice Girl seemingly holds a secret from the crowd.

    In reality, this Chicago girl was fully aware of the media's affinity for her ignorant pose.

23. It's Always Sunny in Chi-Town

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    This Ice Girl's sexy dress code can't possibly hide the bewilderment regarding her stellar tan.

    A tanning bed seems to reign supreme to a natural rotisserie session, but her vivacious aura and resemblance to Kendra Wilkinson cover up for that.

22. Young and Feisty in Long Island

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    The exuberant 9-12-6 Islanders may have the young talent that gives fans optimism regarding the future, but it's their Ice Girls who keep loyal fans even closer.

    With attendance an obvious issue, the Isles will take any help they can get.

21. Clapping Up a Hurricane

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    Somehow these Ice Girls continue to appear in the crowd, exciting an eager group of fans.

    As she pumps up the Carolina stands, her 9-18-4 Hurricanes pray for a miracle on the ice.

20. Building a Rich History

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    While they have won four Stanley Cups, the most recent coming in 2010, the Patrick Kane-led Blackhawks are still trying to lead Chi-Town to the promised land.

    With sexy Ice Girls complementing the team, they seem destined for greatness.

19. A Full House

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    With a resemblance to country singer Carrie Underwood, this excited Ice Girl skates her way into Los Angeles fans' hearts.

    Her wings and iconic smile give the Kings plenty to play for.

18. Earning a Reputation

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    There are seemingly few teams with the amount of high-profile Ice Girls gracing their arenas that the Chicago Blackhawks have.

    The girls are impossible to ignore, their adventurous natures hard to exclude.

17. Stars in the Making

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    Dallas fans may miss the prolific leadership of the retired Mike Modano and the sexy poses of his hotshot wife, Willa Ford, but at least they have these exuberant Ice Girls to get them excited about the future.

    This team seems more than ready.

16. The Ultimate Defense

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    As they subtly ignore their ice-cleaning responsibilities, it's become clear these girls have found the perfect way to train their beloved team.

    Being able to conquer a distracting goal is just as effective as resistance training.

15. Fierce Coyotes

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    With a record of 15-11-3 and a sexy squad of girls who shine at wiping down the ice, the Phoenix Coyotes are clearly feeling good.

    While left winger Ray Whitney was undoubtedly thrilled about recently scoring his 600th assist, he is likely more happy about his team's beautiful support team.

14. Preying on the Weak

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    As she effortlessly glides about the rink, this Predators Ice Girl is seemingly worried she has forgotten a big responsibility.

    With her blushed cheeks, relentless stare and hesitant skating, it's clear she now realizes she forgot her already-short skirt.

13. Allie Sneaks in

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    While it's clear the 16-9-6 Panthers don't need any help winning games, this sexy Ice Girl wants us to know she plays a big role as well.

    Allie's stellar ability to scrape excess ice off the bumpy area surrounding her own goalie can't go unnoticed.

    The devilish twinkle in her eye makes us think she puts the leftovers in front of the opposing goal.

12. Royal Treatment

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    These Kings Ice Girls are seemingly always in the right place at the right time.

    As the camera scans the rink, these cheer girls effortlessly shine in the spotlight.

11. Flying Above Philly

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    Don't be fooled by her innocent stare—this Philly Ice Girl is far from an angel.

    However, like an angel searching for a needy soul, this Ice Girl hovers around the rink sprinkling magic on her Flyers.

    It's clearly worked for 39-point Claude Giroux and his 19-7-3 Flyers.

10. Star-Studded Roster

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    It was undoubtedly easy for the 17-11-1 Dallas Stars to get over the retirement of the legendary Mike Modano, considering the sexy support that continues to warm their hearts.

    While these two are clearly a prolific duo, the wardrobe continues to baffle us.

    Apparently socks are top priority.

9. Improving the Resume

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    While her loyalty isn't obvious, this girl's dedication to the ice can't be ignored.

    Her vivacious stare and fearless aura gives fans more reasons to come to the arena.

8. Chanel Greets the Isles

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    While the Islanders need more than just sexy Ice Girls to improve their record, they have the exuberant Chanel to keep them smiling after tough losses.

    She'd be a nice addition to practice.

7. Missing the Point

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    While we commend this Blackhawks Ice Girl's firm stare, we're a bit baffled by her inconsistent effort to stay warm.

    She may have the thick socks wrapping her ankles, but the rest of her uniform seems lacking.

    There was clearly a miscommunication during the construction.

6. Feigning Ignorance

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    As these Atlanta Ice Girls continue to flood our minds, it becomes even more baffling as to why this team was removed.

    The unspectacular Thrashers clearly weren't the second-most potent team on the ice when their Ice Girls were present.

5. Today Is Tara's Day

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    While she has been called Tara Day, we believe this sexy Ice Girl has plenty of names.

    Undoubtedly an NHL crasher, she seemingly travels to different arenas with her provocative outfit, sexy stare and iconic smile to please every crowd in the league.

    On second thought, she's likely just mentally preparing herself for a vigorous battle at her home arena.

4. Waiting in the Wing

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    Like her beloved Red Wings, sexy Detroit Ice Girl Jenn has quite the illustrious nature.

    With a league-high 11 Stanley Cup wins, a current record of 19-9-1 and this beautiful support, domination seems like it's far from dwindling in Hockeytown.

3. Sparking Calgary

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    While it's unclear what role this sexy Ice Girl has for her Flames, she is certainly effective in regards to fan appreciation.

    She may want to keep her vivacious poses for the in-between periods, considering it's difficult to follow Jarome Iginla's every stick move with her distracting posture.

2. Meagan Is a Star

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    Dallas Stars Ice Girl Meagan seemingly does more than entertain only her enthusiastic fanbase.

    With the ability to attract league-wide reverence, this sexy cheer girl continues to engage the sports world.

1. Thrash from the Past

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    As she smiles and enjoys the moment, this Thrashers Ice Girl undoubtedly looks toward a bleak future.

    With the Winnipeg Jets replacing the beleaguered Atlanta franchise, fans can reminisce about a cohesive rink girl unit that once was.