Mountain West Conference Asks BCS for Auto Bid in 2012: Do They Deserve It?

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Mountain West Conference Asks BCS for Auto Bid in 2012: Do They Deserve It?
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There have been talks recently about making changes to the BCS, and the Mountain West Conference wants to get in on the action.

The conference’s board of directors has asked the BCS for an automatic bid to a BCS Bowl for the 2012 and 2013 seasons. You can read the full letter here.

Guidelines were set in 2004 outlining a procedure for a non-automatic qualifying conference to gain access, and the MWC has met all of those marks. After that, the decision would come to a vote, and nine of the 12 committee members, made up of the CEOs from the 11 current FBS conferences as well as Notre Dame, would have to approve the exemption.

Does the Mountain West have what it takes to join the BCS?

It did, but not anymore.

Three schools have held the banner for the conference—Boise State, Utah and TCU—and all of those schools are on their way out. Utah is already in the Pac-12, TCU will join the Big 12 next season, and Boise State will join the Big East no later than 2013. San Diego State will also be leaving with Boise State.

Should the Mountain West receive an automatic berth into the BCS?

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Assuming that the Broncos don’t leave early, the league will having the following members in it: Air Force, Boise State, Colorado State, Fresno State, Hawaii, Nevada, New Mexico, San Diego State, UNLV and Wyoming. Out of that group, only Boise has been ranked this season. If it and TCU were remaining in the conference, then the Mountain West would certainly be deserving of a bid. But without them, there is absolutely nothing to warrant it.

These rules were drafted under the premise that the conference members would remain constant, and that is not the case. Therefore, those rules should not apply.

What the committee should do is extend the evaluation period to get a sense of how this new league performs. If, at that point, the Mountain West still meets all of the requirements, then it should be receiver an automatic berth into the BCS.

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