Oral Roberts Buzzer Beater Video: Watch Damen Bell-Holter's Miracle Game-Winner

Kyle VassaloFeatured ColumnistDecember 13, 2011

Oral Roberts' Damen Bell-Holter pulled off the play of the year against the University of Arkansas-Little Rock, stealing an inbounds heave in the wee seconds of the game and draining a ridiculous half-court shot as time expired.

To say that the shot was improbable doesn't do the miraculous bank shot justice. Bell-Holter made a brilliant play to get his hands on the ball in the first place, yucked the ball up with just seconds remaining and a heavy dose of luck allowed the shot to fall.

The 58-55 victory kept the game from going into overtime and made Bell-Holter a big-time hero at a small school.

The shot has gone viral, and regardless of whether or not you've ever even heard of either schools participating in this matchup, everyone can agree that this shot was miraculous.

Buzzer beaters are one of the best elements of basketball. A buzzer-beater layup has the power to bring a crowd to its feet.

A shot being drained from over 50 feet out has the power to become legendary. The stakes may not have been high and this wasn't exactly Ohio State vs. Duke, but the miracle shot deserves all of the recognition it's going to get.

It's hard to imagine a better play than this coming out of the college basketball season, and Bell-Holter has officially given his school and himself more publicity than it ever could have dreamed it would get from a matchup with UALR.