Jordan Farmar Injury Update: Knee Surgery Successful

Ryan WardCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2008

On December 19, the Lakers were hit with another big injury problem.

It wasn't as bad as Andrew Bynum going down last season, but bad enough to affect the team's spark off the bench.

In the loss against Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat a couple of Fridays ago, backup point guard Jordan Farmar, who could easily be a starter on more than half the league's teams with his play this season, suffered a knee injury which will keep him out of action for quite some time.

He isn't out for the season or anything—at least, I hope not—but he will miss out up to eight weeks.

Farmar was injured when he stole the ball in the fourth quarter which tore his lateral meniscus in his left knee.

On Christmas Eve Farmar underwent surgery on his left knee which only took about half an hour, but was successful in repairing the lateral meniscus.

Without Farmar bringing the Lakers a much needed offensive spark off the bench, not to mention his much improved offensive skills, the Lakers will definitely be looking to fill the void with a point guard free agent.

They might even try to make a trade to fill the open spot and get a much needed defensive presence.