Video Re-Entry

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Video Re-Entry
I probably should have mentioned that, along with the Buckeyes, I was taking a week off. To ease myself back into the groove I am starting out tonight with a couple of videos.

Todd McShay seems to like the Buckeyes more than most prognosticators. There is some semblance of hope provided by guys like McShay and, to a greater extent, the men at Las Vegas Sports Consultants. Listen, you all know that my optimism level was not skyrocketing when this pairing was announced, but it is preview pieces like this one that make me consider reconsidering my initial reactions.

To celebrate Northwestern's early 10-3 lead, and Missouri's impossibly numerous defensive offsides penalties, we bring you this masterpiece:

Go U (NU Anthem)

[HT: Poe McNoe]

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