Why Bill Cowher Makes Perfect Sense As New Miami Dolphins Head Coach

John Rozum@Rozum27Correspondent IDecember 13, 2011

A portrait of the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher before a game against the Baltimore Ravens at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh, PA on December 24, 2006. The Ravens defeat the Steelers 31 to 7. (Photo by Michael Fabus/NFLPhotoLibrary)
Michael Fabus/Getty Images

In an article by Barry Jackson of The Miami Herald, Jackson reports that the Dolphins have big expectations this offseason:

"[Stephen] Ross said he and [Jeff] Ireland 'will work together' in the search for a new coach, which will begin immediately. According to sources, Ross prefers to hire a big-name coach and proven winner, with Bill Cowher very high on the Dolphins’ list."

Jackson continued with other names mentioned:

"ESPN announcer Jon Gruden, former Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher and former Baltimore Ravens coach Brian Billick are among others expected to be on Miami’s radar."

All this being said, in an article by Gregg Rosenthal of NBC Sports, Rosenthal expresses concern about how this could work:

"We’re a little confused how Ireland fits in all this. Cowher will want personnel control or he’ll want to bring his own guys in. Gruden would probably want the same."

"Keeping Ireland seems to eliminate some of the big names, especially Cowher."

To that end, regardless of what happens in Miami and who ends up as their next head coach, Bill Cowher would most certainly be a great fit.

The Dolphins have a respectable defense, they just haven't been able to play consistently throughout the year. We saw their lowest of lows (Weeks 1 through 7) and then a pretty solid upswing (from Week 9 through Week 13 a record of 4-1).

Offensively, it did take a few games for QB Matt Moore to hit a rhythm, but once he did the Dolphins offense was clicking very well and RB Reggie Bush has matched or exceeded 100 yards three times this year.

There's plenty of potential and high-grade talent on this team. TE Anthony Fasano is tough and WR Brandon Marshall is still a stud.

As for Cowher, his reputation will definitely get the respect of the locker room from the beginning. The man has played, coached and/or analyzed the NFL for umpteen years, so any way you slice it he knows the game in and out.

If the Dolphins can bring him in early this offseason then make some solid draft picks, they'll only get better with  Cowher in charge. Also, think about how he would match up with the likes of Bill Belichick and Rex Ryan.

Quite an impressive group of coaches in the AFC East.


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