The 10 Catchiest Fight Songs in the NCAA

Chance KafkaContributor IDecember 13, 2011

The 10 Catchiest Fight Songs in the NCAA

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    Fight songs are an undeniably lovable aspect for the college game day atmosphere. 

    While no one will ever agree on who has the best fight song, I compiled a list of my personal picks for the catchiest fight songs after a large chunk of time listening to various fight songs from across the NCAA. Of course I don't know every fight song out there so no doubt quality songs have been left out.

    Some are national powerhouse schools, a couple are lower-tier. 

    In any case, enjoy this top 10 list.

10. Tennesee State

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    Tennessee State is definitely below the radar since their football does not compete at the FBS level, but I like the jazzy-like feel of this song as well as the sing-along in the middle. 

    It also strays from the traditional fight-song beat with its swinging melody. 

    Its lyrics are a bit repetitive, though.

9. Oregon

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    This song wasn't on my original list, but I had to include it.  I've always liked the orchestral quality of Idaho's fight song, even they suck in every aspect of the FBS.

8. Notre Dame

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    To not have the Fighting Irish's Victory March on a slideshow about fight songs is an act of blasphemy. 

7. Oklahoma

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    While a little repetitive, Boomer Sooner is certainly catchy and a fan-favorite.  

6. Michingan State

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    This Big 10 powerhouse's song has a catchy melody and great lyrics.

5. Tennessee

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    Rocky Top, while the unofficial fight song for the Volunteers, is jazzy, swings with enthusiasm and is just fun to listen to.

4. Arkasnas

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    Arkansas' upbeat tempo, sweeping pitches and epic ending make it an ideal fight song.

3. Penn State

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    Penn State's fight song is very upbeat and somewhat jazzy.

2. Clemson

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    Clemson's Tiger Rag is another swing-like melody that is jazzier and more unconventional than the traditional fight song, making it highly catchy.

1. Wyoming

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    Undoubtedly, I will get flack for this one, and it probably shouldn't be at the top, but I couldn't help it. 

    As a lifelong Cowboys fan, I think the ragtime-beat and authority with which the Western Thunder marching band plays this tune is second-to-none, not to mention fitting lyrics.