Rutgers Wins Tight Bowl Over NC State

Jonathan SzenicsCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2008

In a game that lived up to the hype, Rutgers beat NC State in a close Bowl, 29-23.
In a seesaw battle throughout, Rutgers opened the scoring with a touchdown off of a fake field goal run to start out up 6-0 after botching their extra-point attempt.

While seemingly in control for a little while after this, the wheels almost fell off for the Scarlet Knights soon after.

With NC State scoring 17 points in a row, Rutgers looked as if they were going to be in trouble.

After NC State lost their quarterback, though, before the second half began, Rutgers came back, and quickly as well.

Throughout the second half of the game, Rutgers controlled the tempo, and even though NC State kept the game close, Rutgers scored when they needed too, and with less than a minute left, they hit a field goal that made the score 29-23.

Having to stop a final push from NC State, with almost no time left in the contest, Courtney Greene capped his amazing career as a Scarlet Knight with an interception that sealed the game for Rutgers.

Even more importantly however, Rutgers capped an amazing come back on a season that seemed to be lost almost two months ago.

Sitting at 1-5, and playing terrible football throughout their first six games, a bowl appearance seemed to be a distant dream.

The Scarlet Knights ran the table though, and as a result, because of getting some Top 25 votes before the bowl season started, Rutgers may end up in the AP Top 25 poll at the end of the season.

Gone now are the teams that were national laughingstocks.

Here in clear focus now is a program that is almost bigger than the actual school itself.
With recruits constantly wanting to come to Rutgers to play their college football, the future is looking bright for Rutgers.

When combined with the fact that the school will do anything for their new cash cow, can anything stop Rutgers?

They may stand in their own way half the time, but do not count on this to occur in the future.

With more talented recruits coming in, and a coach who is only getting better, do not be shocked if this ends up being the season that turns Rutgers into a Big East power for years to come.