What the New Jersey Nets Should Be Doing Instead of Waiting on Dwight Howard

Christopher EsparzaContributor IIDecember 13, 2011

What should I do?
What should I do?

Everyone is waiting to hear the big news of where Dwight Howard gets traded to. It is making everyone tune into SportsCenter to see if anything has happened.

They are all just wasting their time. No one cares about any signings teams are making, they just want to know where Dwight and Chris Paul get moved to.

The Nets need to move on without Dwight right now. He might not even be traded until after the season has already started. So why waste our time putting all of our hopes on one player? The Nets need to start thinking he might not be leaving the Magic or that he might get traded to another team.

They need to start upgrading their roster.

There are still good players out in free agency, and there are gaping holes that the Nets need to fill. The Nets could use an upgrade at the shooting-guard or strong-forward positions, and they have not signed nor had any talks about a new contract for Kris Humphries.

Players that would be great for those positions would be Jamal Crawford or Arron Afflalo to come off the bench or even start at shooting guard. Also, Andrei Kirilenko would be nice since the Nets are probably going to use the new amnesty rule on Travis Outlaw.

But to me, the first thing the Nets should go out and do is sign Nene and play him at center while moving Brooke Lopez to power forward. Brooke looked a little soft for the low post last year and does not average too many rebounds, which in turn is having the team question his defensive mindset. Nene would be a rebounding machine while adding some much-needed toughness and low-post scoring.

All of these signings can help make the Nets a playoff team.

It would be cheaper than if we trade for a max-contract player like Dwight.

Even just two of the players I mentioned above would be good-enough help. Not to mention, we save our draft picks on the upcoming draft that is suppose to have the strongest class of players in a long time.

If the Nets want to show Deron Williams that we are committed, it would be good to make a few key role-player signings. When it comes down to it, that is what is most important—keeping him happy and with the Nets.