Seattle Mariners: 5 Biggest Contract Busts

Matthew MarxContributor IDecember 12, 2011

Seattle Mariners: 5 Biggest Contract Busts

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    The Seattle Mariners are slowly, but surely making their way out of the American League West cellar. Hopefully by 2014, they will no longer be the doormat of the West. 

    The Houston Astros will probably hold that title. 

    Until then, however, we should laugh, make light of and point at the top five contracts that the Seattle franchise has handed out that did not work out. As some would say, they were a bust. 

5. Adrian Beltre

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    Although Adrian Beltre was a fan favorite, his lack of production left many frustrated. After his career year with the Los Angeles Dodgers, Bill Bavasi thought it would be a great idea to sign this right-handed slugged to a five-year, $64 million contract. 

    Beltre would've won the MVP award with the Dodgers if Barry Bonds hadn't been, well, Barry Bonds. But the fact of the matter is that Beltre couldn't hit more than 26 home runs in any season at the Safe, with the majority of the home runs coming during away games.

    He had a serviceable on-base percentage of .319 while in Seattle, but he never lived up to expectations.  

4. Jose Lopez

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    Jose Lopez never made good money while in Seattle, and that's a good thing. However, Bavasi thought Lopez deserved four-year, $6 million extension.

    Although Lopez had a handful of quality at-bats, he never developed into the player he was scouted to be.

    He put up an atrocious .297 OBP, and fans are still bitter about his on-field laziness. 

3. Jarrod Washburn

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    Because of Bavasi's relationship with Jarrod Washburn while with the Anaheim Angels, he thought it would be beneficial to sign a pitcher who pitched in the World Series to a four-year, $37.5 million contract.

    Although Jeff Weaver put up markedly worse numbers, he was only signed to a one-year deal. 

    Mariners fans had to put up with four years of Washburn, and although he saw success in the final year of his contract, he tanked after he was traded to the Detroit Tigers. The dolphin did sink. 

2. Richie Sexson

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    Richie Sexson never lived up to his four-year, $50 million contract. But, wait! He led the AL in something! Oh, wait. He led the AL in strikeouts in 2005, his first year with the Mariners. 

    Things never got better, as he preceded to have horrible at-bat after horrible at-bat. 

    The pinnacle of his success was when he was picked up by the Yankees after the Mariners designated him for assignment. He still had a year left on his contract. 

1. Chone Figgins

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    Four-year, $36 million contract. 

    He has an option to opt out in 2014. 

    2014 can't come quick enough.