Orlando Magic: Dwight Howard Pushing Team to Sign Chauncey Billups

Hunter KonsensCorrespondent IIDecember 12, 2011

Chauncey Billups
Chauncey BillupsMike Ehrmann/Getty Images

After having a lengthy meeting with Magic CEO Alex Martins, Dwight said there is still a "remote possibility" that he stays in Orlando, if changes are made to the roster. This news come days after Howard requested a trade to either the Dallas MavericksLos Angeles Lakers or New Jersey Nets. One of the personnel moves that interests Howard is signing former New York Knicks point guard Chauncey Billups

According to Marc Stein of ESPN, acquiring Billups is a very real possibility for the Magic after all waivers clear. However, this is a transaction that General Manager Otis Smith, who Howard has ended all communication with due to a poor relationship, needs to stay away from.

One of the problems with acquiring Billups is the contract the Magic are going to have to shell out to him. With rumors swirling that the Mavericks and Heat will also make a play for the veteran point guard, the Magic chances of acquiring Billups are very small. Billups has said that he wants to play for a team in contention and has even threatened retirement if a non-contender decided to pull him off the waiver wire. With this information, one can clearly see that the Heat and Mavs are much more appealing to the 35-year-old point guard. The only way I believe the Magic could acquire Billlups is through baiting him with an unnecessary contract. Miami or Dallas don't have the cap flexibility to perform this maneuver, but is Billups really worth the money? I don't think so.

It seems as if the Magic have been down this path a few times before. Acquiring former superstars, who have lost a step to come and fill in as Howard's Robin. The most infamous of these cases are the additions of Vince Carter and Rashard Lewis. Both players were coming off sub-par seasons with their respective former teams, and they were acquired by the Magic to become the second superstar Howard had been dying for since being drafted. Both, in my opinion, failed, as they never lived up to expectations. Lewis decided to quit playing defense and rebounding, while Carter looked like a shell of his former self.

By acquiring Billups, the Magic essentially thrust themselves into the same situation that has hurt them in the past.

Instead of acquiring an old, former All-Star, why not use trading assets Ryan Anderson, Jason Richardson and J.J. Redick to acquire a star just entering his prime? Golden State Warrior Monta Ellis, Atlanta Hawk Josh Smith and Philadelphia 76er Andre Iguodala are the first to come to mind, as Howard has expressed interest in teaming up with them.

To think that all our problems could be solved if Fran Vázquez decided to play for the Magic.