WWE: How Did John Morrison Go from Supernova to Black Hole?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistDecember 12, 2011

John Morrison was at one point on track to be WWE's next big star. He had moments where it looked like WWE was ready to put a lot of weight on his shoulders.

How many people who never won the world title can say they pinned Shawn Michaels after using his own superkick? No one else I can think of, and Michaels put Morrison over this way, which was a huge compliment from HBK to Morrison.

During his run with WWE since 2004, John Morrison has done pretty much everything—except be the main event star with the WWE title.

He began as a tag team wrestler, moved to singles competition, back to tag teams and back to singles star again.

In that time he held numerous tag titles with different partners, the IC title several times and the ECW title back when WWE was trying to say it was the same value as the WWE title and World title.

PWI ranked him the most improved wrestler in 2009 and gave he and Mercury the honor of the best tag team in 2005. He clearly had his fans outside of WWE.

There were many times when it looks like Morrison was being groomed for a world title run, only for it to be cut short for various reasons.

Whether it was getting injured, someone else sparking Vince's interest or his girlfriend making a scene, Morrison has always been on the wrong side of luck in WWE.

When Miz was WWE champion, he and Morrison had an amazing match on Raw in which I was sure it was Morrison's time to shine.

He lost the match, but came away looking like a real contender for the WWE title. Soon after that he was back to not getting a push and no one really knew why.

Melina was soon released and she ended up making some kind of scene that forced WWE to bar her from the building one night when Morrison was wrestling.

I don't think Melina can be blamed for everything, but we all know WWE holds how your personal life affects you very seriously these days. If you can't keep your head in the ring then you are not going to lead the company, plain and simple.

JoMo posted a video on YouTube telling fans that he would be back, but gave no specific details as to when and where.

I hope Morrison uses this time to train, heal his injuries and find a way to improve his mic skills. If he does all this, then it is not unlikely we will see him in a WWE ring again.

There have been numerous people saying he should go to TNA and I have to disagree with that. Morrison would not be pushed properly in TNA and he would eventually leave, just like so many others who have come from WWE have done.

If Morrison wants to return to WWE I am sure they will let him at some point in the future. He was a great performer, with tons of potential and a long career ahead of him.

I think if he wants to go anywhere to keep his skills fresh then he should check out Ring of Honor. They would be happy to have him, even on a short term contract.

What do you think Morrison should do with his future?