MLB Trade Rumors: Why the Seattle Mariners SHOULD NOT Deal Felix Hernandez

Jon O'ConnorCorrespondent IDecember 12, 2011

The Face of the Franchise, Felix Hernandez
The Face of the Franchise, Felix Hernandez

How successful can you be by trading away the face of your franchise? Well, with a team like the Seattle Mariners, the answer is not very. 

Unbelievably enough, there are a lot of people out there who think it would be a great idea for the Mariners to trade away former Cy-Young award winner Felix Hernandez

This guy is currently the ONLY reason the Mariners fill the few seats that the do. They invented the "Kings Court" for him, for crying out loud! When it's Felix's turn to start at home, people in Seattle actually give themselves a reason to make the trek to Safeco, even though the odds of a no-decision or a one or two run loss for King Felix are pretty good. 

Felix recently signed an extension to stay in Seattle. Even though the team has given him horrible run support the last few seasons, Felix has done nothing but express his happiness in Seattle and his desire to remain a Mariner for as long as they will have him. 

To me, as long as Felix is standing with the leaders in strikeouts, innings pitched and earned run average, the Mariners should never even think about trading this man. There is no player in Major League Baseball who could be worthy of replacing a guy like this on the Mariners roster. 

You can't possibly think it would be a good idea to deal a man who actually wants to stay in Seattle, who is a constant all-star and who will take this young team on his back every fifth day! He is willing to be patient and wait out this plan that Seattle thinks is going to work. 

Instead of trading this man, go out and get some players to compliment him, give him some run support and help him win ball games. 

Trade Felix Hernandez...GET REAL!