Los Angeles Clippers: CP3 Trade Would Set Some Interesting Things into Motion

Jose SalviatiCorrespondent IIDecember 12, 2011

Future teammates Chris Paul and Eric Gordon?
Future teammates Chris Paul and Eric Gordon?Chris Graythen/Getty Images

I remember my dad telling me stories about his childhood. He remembers in the mid 1930's when the first electric street light was installed. How a new type of drink called Coke was given away for free to kids in the street in hopes of getting the locals hooked.

It's amazing to consider what he saw in his lifetime and what his grandkids, who grew up with electric streetlights, hundreds of different types of soda, microwave ovens and the Internet, will see in their lifetime! You can already check night baseball in Wrigley and a competitive football team in Detroit off the list, but did anyone see a Clipper juggernaut coming?

Okay, maybe juggernaut is the wrong word, but if a starting five of Griffin, Jordan, Butler, Gordon and Paul isn't a juggernaut it certainly is worthy of oohs and more than a few awes. 

As I write this, the proposed trade that would bring CP3 to the Los Angeles Clippers is still being evaluated. Considering Commissioner David Stern's recent antics and his obvious desire to keep Paul in New Orleans, the trade is anything but a done deal. At the risk of jinxing things, however, I'd like to have some fun and consider the aftermath once this deal goes through.

(As a side note, I have to share the very best David Stern jab I've seen online. "David Stern wins defensive player of the year. Leads the league with most blocks." Funny stuff! Credit goes to Kyle Brogdon, submitted via Facebook. Let's hope Stern swings and misses on this black attempt Clipper fans!)

After trying to unsuccessfully trade for CP3 then seeing the Clippers grab their player, the Lakers lose a little luster. Let's face it, even with this trade Los Angeles is still a Laker town. It's going to take more than signing arguably the best point guard in the NBA to dethrone the Lakers. It's impossible to deny that watching the Clippers do what the Lakers couldn't (or weren't allowed to do) is a plus for the Clips and a negative for the Lakers.

2011-2012 early leader for Defensive Player of the Year?
2011-2012 early leader for Defensive Player of the Year?Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Did you ever think that the Angles would outsell the Dodgers? They did last season. Did you ever think the Ducks would win a Stanley Cup before the Kings? They won it all in 2007. Did you ever think Pepsi products would outsell Coke products? It did in 2006!

Sometimes, David really does conquer Goliath!

No, this trade, if approved, does not make the Clippers the new mantle-bearers in Los Angeles. Heck, it might not even assure them of a better record than the Purple and Gold. It does, however, give the team who has long been "little brother" to the Lakers some added credibility. It moves them one step closer to the perch now occupied by Jerry Buss's team.

The start of the demise of the Lakers dynasty? It's possible.

In addition to making the Lakers blink, this trade, once approved, would also open the floodgates of Los Anglelinos looking to jump on the Clipper bandwagon. For years, the bandwagon was driven by Ralph Lawler and occupied, off and on, by Clipper Daryl, the families of players and someone who thought it was the bandwagon of the Columbus Clippers—the triple A affiliate of the New York Yankees.

The bandwagon filled up in 2006 when the Clippers of Elton Brand, Corey Maggette and Sam Cassell led the team to within one game of the Western Conference Finals. It emptied just as quickly the year after.

Los Angles fans are loyal, as long as you are winning. We used to have a football team here a while ago, but they stopped winning and decided to go to a place where people showed up even if the on-field talent didn't. With the amazing year around weather, the beach, the amusement parks, the Galaxy and the Sparks, Los Angles fans have too many other things to do to lend support to a team that doesn't win.

This team, with the addition of CP3, will win. The line for the Clipper bandwagon forms to the left.

It's been a pretty amazing week here in the Los Angeles area. We have drama in Dodgertown, new additions in Angeltown, confusion in Lakertown and now, maybe, just maybe, the start of something big in Clippertown.