Eric Mangini Fired By New York Jets, Good Luck Finding Another Job in The NFL

Sean CroweSenior Writer IDecember 29, 2008

In case you missed it, Eric Mangini was fired this morning.

Mangini is done in the NFL. Done. D O N E, done, done, done.

He’s a mediocre head coach, which actually doesn’t hurt your chances of getting hired in the NFL (see Phillips, Wade and Turner, Norv).

His game day coaching is questionable at best. His clock management is terrible. His game plans, especially the offensive ones, could have been written by a wannabe like myself they’re so predictable.

I hate to bring this up, because it’s sure to bring out all of the Patriots haters. But I mentioned it at the time, and it’s relevant now that Mangini is on the unemployment line.

Every NFL team has secrets. Every NFL team does something that they don’t want other teams to know about. There’s an unwritten code in the NFL, when you leave a team you don’t give up their secrets.

Mangini ratted out his former boss. Somehow, he came out clean in the whole thing in the media. I guarantee he didn’t come out clean among his NFL peers.

Spygate was an attempt to ruin Bill Belichick’s career. Mangini knew all about the Patriots’ video taping system.

At the first opportunity, he turned them in to the NFL.

Let’s forget the fact that the Patriots caught him videotaping illegally the previous season and just kicked his guy out of the stadium. Mangini was a HERO. He brought down the evil Patriots.

Go Eric!

But who’s going to hire a guy so willing to give up your secrets the minute he’s gone?

Who’s going to hire a mediocre coach who would, without a second thought, attempt to destroy his mentor and former employer’s career?

It’s not just Spygate either. Mangini had to be locked out of the Foxboro offices after he agreed in principle to coach the Jets, BEFORE his last game with the Patriots.

On the plan ride home from Denver, he was trying to recruit coaches that were under contract with New England.

I’m pretty sure he didn’t ask permission.

To coin a Boston phrase, the guy is duplicitous pond scum.

He has very few redeeming qualities. He’s a failure as a coach. He was a failure as a defensive coordinator (people forget that he had his play calling duties stripped in his only season as DC in New England).

So Eric, I hope you’re good on TV (if your press conferences are any indication, good luck with that). I hope you have a fallback plan. Because, as they say, you’ll never work in this industry again.

Good riddance, rat.

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