Bills Parcells in Miami: Big Tuna Canning Old Dolphins

Bob DaBuckeyeCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2017

Bill Parcells is putting his imprint on the Dolphins, cutting through dead weight and salaries like a sushi chef through sashimi.

And why not? 1-15 is not something the Tuna finds palatable.

Sorry Charlie—you're just not good enough.

Fan favorite LB Zach Thomas, QB Trent Green, WR Booker, T Shelton, DT Traylor, T Albi, DT Bryant, T Dukes, DT Love, and T Toledo all were given parting gifts and told thanks for playing by the Tuna.

Bill is determined to remake the offensive and defensive lines in his image. An infusion of youth is what he wants—and with the money he saves the Fins will be trolling for free agents and in the market to trade their number one pick for as many players and draft choices as he can get.

The Tuna knows adding a super-star talent to a bad team won't cut it, so he'll try to add as many good players as he can and then add the impact player down the road.

This is a smart move by the Fins.  Look at how much Cleveland improved by rebuilding their offensive line. Miami fans, help is coming. The Tuna is steering the ship away from the rocks and towards a Super Bowl. It may be a few years but the ship is sailing in the right direction.

The Fins are on the clock but the number-one pick is on the auction block.

The wake-up call has been delivered. If the Tuna can cut loose a Hall of Fame player like Thomas, then anyone is fair game. Somehow, I think Miami's offseason conditioning camps and OTA's will be well attended.