Mike Francesa: For Once, Admit You're Wrong

Noel PurcellCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2008

I've never been a huge fan of Mike Francesa (pictured above with former partner Chris "Mad Dog" Russo). Truth be told, I can't stand him most of the time. During baseball season, he is a droll, annoying, loudmouthed Yankee homer.

But today, I was listening to his radio show on the FAN (660 WFAN), and heard one of the stupider statements I've ever heard uttered by a radio host.

I used to listen to Mike back when he was still teamed with Mad Dog. For all of the Yankee drool he would spill on the airwaves, Mad Dog had a counterpoint and could seemingly keep him somewhat under control. They balanced each other well (although it was still difficult to listen to the show for more than 45 minutes at a time) and made for an interesting program. Then Russo took a huge paycheck and got his own station on Sirius Satellite Radio (and good for him, not criticizing him at all).

Now I don't listen to either of them.

Today, around 1:30, Franco from Danbury, Connecticut called up and ask Mike to basically give credit where credit is due. Francesa obliged and said the Dolphins were "one of the miracle teams in history" and gave great credit to the coaching staff and Chad Pennington. However, after saying they were one of the miracle teams in history he said this:

"They aren't even any good, that's coaching and Chad Pennington..."

He then gave them credit by saying that it was a fantastic job by everyone, "but they aren't any good." He then criticized the man he just credited, Chad Pennington, by saying that he under-threw too many passes but they all got completed.

He basically gave a half-credit. While he did say it was a miracle season, he said they aren't any good. Not "they aren't great," not "they aren't one of the best teams in the league."

They aren't any good.

At all.

He gives them credit, but simply will not admit he was wrong about the Dolphins. He won't admit they are good. He seems to do this with things he is wrong on, not all the time, but sometimes.

I'm a Jets fan and I attended the final game of this season and even I can admit they are a good team. Mike, it's time to really give credit where it's due, no half-admitting, half-defending your point so you still seem correct.

Just admit you were wrong, please, maybe then I can listen to your show again.