Eagles 44, Cowboys 6: The End Of America's "Team, " With Apologies to Their Fans

Vincent JacksonCorrespondent IDecember 29, 2008


Gutless. Embarrassing.  Overrated.  Pathetic. 

After last night's 44-6 pasting at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles, these are just a few of the words I'll use to describe the end of the Dallas Cowboys season and maybe the end of their farce of a "dynastic" run. 

This collection of talent has not won a single playoff game together and may NEVER win a championship at all, even with moving into a new billion dollar football palace in Arlington next season.

First off, let's stop calling them America's Team. That era is over, done, finished and gone. I am not a Cowboys fan, but this is not the same Cowboy team I watched growing up and it may not be for a while. 

There is no Johnson, Switzer, Sanders, Aikman, Smith or Irvin. There's no leadership, no stability, no nothing. Just a whole lot of finger pointing and more questions than answers.

I have never seen a team perform so gutless in its final game of a season. All the jersey sales, all the coverage, all the craziness and all the hype could not save what was an absolutely pathetic performance last night and an end to possibly the most disappointing season in a long time. 

No disrespect to Cowboys fans, but unfortunately you have to live with this overrated group for the next few years, and on top of all that you gave up basically your entire draft for one receiver—and not even a great one at that. 

I have not one ounce of sympathy for any Cowboys fan that will make a comment on this article, not like you want it anyway. I am not a Cowboys fan, nor an Eagles fan but if you want sympathy, find the nearest church and start praying cause you're gonna need it. 

You just got a clear, loud, physical and painful message sent to you by the Eagles. All the money spent can't buy a championship, and I hope all you Yankees fans were watching because that is what could very well happen to you. 

The Cowboys and their fans may wanna take a look at the Lombardi Trophy that's sitting in New York right now, because that may be as close as you get to that trophy for a long, long time. 

Even if they did back their way into the playoffs, it would have been the way it has been for a few years—one and done. 

Jerry Jones unfortunately didn't build a team. He built a circus and the tent has fully collapsed. He built a bunch of gutless, arrogant faux "stars" that continue to melt under the pressure, and have failed to show up for the big game again and again

The Cowboys thought the Super Bowl was going to just be handed to them. They didn't earn it. What they did earn was a long winter of discontent and a summer of questions. 

We could blame Tony Romo, T.O., Roy E(rror) Williams, the defense, the coaches but really, let's let them blame each other cause that's what they do best.

What else did you expect from this gutless group?