WWE News: RAW Ratings Taking a Downward Plummet, What Needs to Be Done

Andrew WindonContributor IIIDecember 12, 2011

WWE Raw Logo
WWE Raw Logo

WWE Raw has seen better days than what the current ratings are showing.

For the past few weeks, the Raw ratings have been plummeting to new lows. Most people in the office and the company are wondering what needs to be done to correct this problem.

The WWE needs to act fast before the damage by the ratings are permanent and beyond repair. 

The WWE Raw ratings have been at an all-time low since the pay-per-view WWE Vengeance. In fact, that pay-per-view was one of the worst selling pay-per-views since ECW's December to Dismember.

This shows that fans are tired of the same old gimmicks by WWE. Action needs to happen and fast to correct a sinking ship.  

The first thing that WWE needs to do for the Raw program is to discontinue the SuperShow that has been happening for the past couple of months.

The SuperShow is a great idea for a week or two that brings superstars from the SmackDown brand over to wrestle. Unfortunately, this means the most midcard wrestlers on the Raw brand get lost in the shuffle.

Splitting the shows again would help the WWE to push other, lesser known, wrestlers. 

The next thing that needs to happen for Raw to make sure that the viewership is not lost is to make sure that the booking for the second hour is just as good as the first.

The majority of viewers are tuning out during the second hour of Raw because the matches are not as exciting. This may be because the first hour does a better job focusing on the superstars wrestling.

The second hour should be the punctuation to a great show; instead of tapering off and fizzling out. 

Raw also needs to focus on the younger wrestlers who will soon be the faces of the company. This means that the midcard wrestlers need to be given an opportunity to wrestle on the show in a prominent place.

The WWE does a good job at giving certain wrestlers a big push, but needs to do this with all of its wrestlers. The fans do not want to see more Randy Orton when they could watch him on SmackDown instead. 

The WWE also needs to make sure to stick with a storyline and let it run its course. The company has had many storylines that have fallen flat because they were used for a week and then discontinued.

Most fans would like to see a story arch that lasts through multiple pay-per-views rather then just for a show. This causes fans to lose interest week to week since there is no continuity. 

WWE Raw has a prestigious history that will forever make it the No. 1 show in the WWE lineup. The company just needs to learn how to accurately use the flagship show to build the superstars that the lineup currently has to offer.

This would help the ratings and would keep the average fan more interested than what is currently happening.