NCAA Basketball Conference Rankings: Take Two

Nathan BitnerSenior Analyst IDecember 29, 2008

As the man in the photo above would say, "I want YOU."

Last week, I put out what I hope will be weekly conference rankings for NCAA men's basketball.  You can read the long version of the article here or the short version here.

To very briefly summarize, there was moderate controversy over ranking the ACC No. 1, the Big Ten No. 2, and the Big East No. 3.

Oddly enough (or perhaps not), no one from the Pac-10 (No. 5) or SEC (No. 8) cared to weigh in on their conference's ranking.

Much like Jameson Fleming does with his B/R Top 25 team ranking compilation, I would like to generate a "Top 10 Conference Ranking" from as many willing participants as possible. 

Since it can be hard to keep up with 10 or more conferences, it is perfectly acceptable to submit a top five instead, or a top eight, or a top whatever you can come up with.

The points will be compiled with one point for the 10th-place conference up to 10 points for the first-place conference.  I will include my own rankings with commentary (similar to the previous articles) each week.

And now, to offer you a glimpse of what is coming...this week, the Big East may very well reclaim its spot as the No. 1 conference, but where will the Big Ten and ACC land?

Rankings will be due by Monday at 5 pm each week, though you can submit them as early as you like.  This week is an exception.  Just get them to me as quickly as possible.  If there's enough interest, I'll keep it going weekly.  If not, I'll look at it less often.

To submit your rankings, please email me at or leave a note on my profile here.