Our President Is Black, Why Not Our WWE Champion?

BrianContributor IDecember 29, 2008

Over the years, the WWE's black superstars have held a wide variety of titles. From Shelton Benjamin and MVP's US Title reigns, to Mark Henry and Bobby Lashley's ECW Heavyweight Title reigns. However, there is one that the Company has yet to entrust to a black man, the WWE Championship.

Booker T, Bobby Lashley, and Mark Henry have all held world championships in the WWE, but none have claimed the "most coveted prize" in sports entertainment. The WWE title has been reserved for the company's elite, the performers who the WWE rely on to carry their shows, sell merchandise, and ultimately; make money.

Lashley and Henry have both held the ECW title, which most will agree is little more than a consolation prize, and King Booker has held more titles in his professional career than most of the WWE roster—yet he was never given a chance with a WWE title run.

Instead of elevating a black performer to the ranks of headliner, the WWE continuously thrusts its black employees into gimmicks that feed stereotypes and offer no character development.

R-Truth, the ghetto black man who came from the hood and made a life for himself in WWE. MVP, the cocky black athlete who flashed his bling and wears a doo-rag. And then there is Cryme Tyme, a gimmick that those two very talented young men should be ashamed of as black performers.

Despite the WWE's attempts to appeal to the minority demographic, they have yet to give a real, solid push to a black entertainer. It is almost 2009, our great country has elected a black President, yet the WWE continually neglects the black community, and deprives all fans of some potentially great champions.