New England Patriots: the Greatest Team Not to Win the Super Bowl

nick bowenCorrespondent IFebruary 16, 2008

Finally, this series concludes with the greatest team in NFL history not to win the Super Bowl.

1. 2007 New England Patriots

Record: 16-0
Home: 8-0
Away:  8-0
Point Differential: +315
Turnover Margin: +16

Let's face it, this team could be the greatest of all time.  Statistically, this is the top team ever.  With Tom Brady, Wes Welker, Randy Moss, and the rest of the team leading the way, the Patriots ruled the NFL like no team has ever done.

In the first 10 games New England registered blowouts, and later in the season they showed they could win any kind of game against any kind of team.

Tom Brady threw an NFL-record 50 touchdown passes, Randy Moss caught another NFL record 23 touchdowns, while the Pats scored an NFL-record 589 points.

With arguably the NFL's most explosive offense ever and a stingy defense, the Patriots could have gone down as the undisputed greatest. 

Instead, they'll always be remembered for the game they lost, and not the 18 they won.