Tim Tebow: The Man, the Myth, and the Reason He Won't Succeed

Dan AdamsCorrespondent IDecember 11, 2011

Can anyone stop Tim Tebow?
Can anyone stop Tim Tebow?Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

I can admit just like most people, I love watching Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow lead his team back in gut-wrenching fourth quarter and overtime situations. Unlike many biased Broncos fans, I can also admit how terrible Tebow is at establishing an offensive rhythm early in games.

Tebow's doubters point to his poor statistics, poor mechanics, and lack of a pocket presence. I think his seven wins come at the fault of the defensive coordinators trying to stop him. I have watched him dump off passes to his check down routes over 70 percent of the time under normal pressure blitzes and various zone schemes.

Late in the fourth quarter, coordinators are reluctant to do what has worked all game, and Tebow is an expert at moving in the pocket, keeping his eyes up field and throwing under extreme duress.

So many of his big completions come after he has run around for more than seven seconds behind the line of scrimmage. I personally believe that over time, coaches will adjust to his success and force him to stay in the pocket, and make that 10-20 yard comeback throw to the sideline in the fourth quarter.

When that time comes the Tim Tebow train will come to a screeching halt. Until then, we might as well enjoy the ride and point to the sky.

Overall, with the exception of the Green Bay Packers, the NFL is extremely boring this year. There are so many bad quarterbacks in the league right now, that watching these pathetic offenses operate in an offensive-biased rules system, makes it unbearable at times.

Tebow realistically should not be a starting quarterback, but he is winning in a league full of bad quarterbacks. He has beaten Matt Moore (MIA), a combination of Matt Cassel and Tyler Palko (KC), Carson Palmer (OAK), Mark Sanchez (NYJ), Christian Ponder (MIN), Caleb Hanie (CHI) and Philip Rivers (SD).

The only current established quarterback in that bunch with no questions being asked about his job is Rivers. He is having his worst statistical season in years with 19 TD and 17 INT. The average QB rating of Tebow's counterparts who have lost is 72.9.

He hasn't had a test like he will receive next Saturday at home when superstar and icon Tom Brady strolls into Mile High with AFC East leader New England Patriots (10-3).

The Broncos defense statistically isn't anything special, but if you watch them play at full strength with Brian Dawkins, Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil, D.J. Williams and vaunted rookie Von Miller, they are very fast and extremely good.

They will have to be at their best on Sunday afternoon to have any hope of slowing Brady. One thing Denver can count on this week, I believe, is that Tebow will need to stay in the pocket, play a slightly different style to beat New England.

If he can sit in the pocket and complete 15-of-25 with throws down the field, they can beat the poor Patriots secondary. Bill Belichick isn't going to get caught watching the Tebow train chug along if it's a close game.

Tebow is best facing a prevent defense with the game on the line because he can use feet as a tool to buy time. Those precious yards his legs earn buy him plays and more chances to win football games.

John Elway must be getting a little worried up top because if the Broncos don't select a quarterback in the first round of this year's draft, he will have hopped aboard the bandwagon.

The problem is, Denver fans, as the league improves and better quarterbacks start proving themselves, and I'm sorry but Tebow is one of the best leaders in football, but not one of the best quarterbacks.

He definitely belongs in the league, I truly believe he is one of the best 32 quarterbacks in the NFL right now, but that also displays how down the league is right now.