Santana Moss Video: Watch Tricky Redskins Score on Reverse Pass

Tim DanielsFeatured ColumnistDecember 11, 2011

The Washington Redskins knew they were facing an uphill battle against the New England Patriots on Sunday, so they pulled out a trick play to catch an already shaky Patriots defense off guard. Wide receiver Brandon Banks found fellow wideout Santana Moss open for the afternoon's sneakiest TD.

A video of the play is embedded above.

Rex Grossman hands the ball off to breakout running back Roy Helu, who quickly pitches it over to Banks on what appears to be a reverse play. Grossman proceeds to lay a solid block on a Patriots lineman to allow Banks to get the corner.

Banks shows off his terrific speed, but even more impressive is the lefty's ability to throw on the run. Although it comes up a little shorter than Moss would have liked, the accuracy is probably better than anything Redskins have witnessed this season between Grossman and John Beck.

Moss is able to haul in the pass, make a couple moves to elude defensive backs and waltz his way into the end zone.

What made the play so surprising was the use of Banks, who has been used almost exclusively on special teams this season. His presence should have signaled to the Patriots that something was up, but they usually struggle to stop even the simplest of plays, so they were no match for a trick play.

Banks finished the afternoon with a perfect passer rating while Moss had three catches for 81 yards and that touchdown. Unfortunately for the Redskins, their late charge came up short as they couldn't hit pay dirt late in the fourth quarter, allowing New England to prevail, 34-27.

At least they'll have something positive to talk about in team meetings this week. And Banks will be able to tell his family he threw a touchdown against the vaunted New England Patriots.