NCAA Is Spreading Bowl Games Just a Little Thin

jason hughesContributor IDecember 28, 2008

I have noticed every year the more bowl games they add, the fewer games they play in a single day. I used to go full on football fever when the heart of bowl season would show three to four games within reasonable times of each other on the same day for two or three days in a row—Fiesta, Rose, Cotton, Gator, and Peach, to name a few, and sometimes they even competed in the same time slots.

Unless you happen to follow a particular school, I used to enjoy channel surfing from game to game, as not all games were as tight as to be expected.

But now there seems to be a growing trend of televising a game a night, including the BCS bowl games, and they don't always live up to snuff.

I realize the national championship game needs to be separated from the rest of the pack, but that is switched from year to year. Sometimes one game at a time isn't enough, especially when the game is a stinker. I can wait a couple of days for the title game to be played.