Chris Mason: Come Back—You Can Have Dan Ellis' Spot!

Bryan HollisterAnalyst IDecember 28, 2008

In another dismal road showing, the Nashville Predators fell to the Edmonton Oilers 5-2, giving up three goals in the second period to run their record down to 17-15-1 and fall half a game behind the Oilers in the race for the playoffs.

I know it's still early in the season yet, but with the way Nashville is playing away from the Sommet Center, their chances of making it get worse with each passing game.

Dan Ellis struggled—again—giving up four of Edmonton's goals off of only 13 shots before surrendering the net to Pekka Rinne, who happens to be the lone bright spot on the Predators' horizon right now. Rinne faced two shots more than Ellis while only giving up one on the night.

It's bad enough that the Preds can't seem to score of late, or really much all season. Taco Bell has only had to give out free tacos twice this season. (Taco Bells in Nashville give free tacos to ticket holders if Nashville scores five goals in a home win.)

What is really distressing—or should be—is that Ellis' glove seems to have a hole in it.

Ellis is 10-12-3 this year, and while he's won more games this year than Rinne has played, Pekka's 7-2-0 record speaks volumes about who the better goalie is right now.

Either offer Chris Mason the moon to get him back to Nashville, or start Rinne. If the kid holds up under fire, give him the job permanently, or at least for the rest of the year. Let his agent handle things from there.

Until the Predators can start generating more offense, they have to stop as many shots as they can. And Ellis isn't getting it done.