Khan vs Peterson:Washington DC's Fragile Boxing Rep Worsens After Khan Screw Job

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Khan vs Peterson:Washington DC's Fragile Boxing Rep Worsens After Khan Screw Job
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Washington, DC is not exactly considered a boxing mecca and with decisions like the one we saw in the Lamont Peterson and Amir Khan fight, it won't be one any time soon.

Khan chose to fight Peterson is his hometown of DC for two reasons: to gain a larger American audience and relevance and also because Peterson isn't a notoriously hard puncher. Well, it backfired on him, even though he won the fight in my opinion.

Two curious point deductions by referee Joe Cooper cost Khan the fight and his junior welterweight title. Two judges scored the fight 113-112 in favor of Peterson, while one judge score the fight 115-110 for Khan. So essentially, without those two questionable point deductions, Khan wins a moderately easy unanimous decision 114-113 on two cards and 117-110 on the other.

Khan said, "It felt like I was fighting two people in there, Lamont himself and the referee." That seemed to be the sentiment from Max Kellerman, who announced the fight with Larry Merchant and Jim Lampley.

Khan also indicated he sees why boxing doesn't take place in DC often and, unfortunately, this may become the growing sentiment.

Controversial decisions are a part of boxing's history, but in this day and age of Internet and television, the black eyes are becoming harder to hide.

The thoughts that Khan was robbed were circulated on Twitter, here are a few of the reactions:

Al Bernstein

the point deductions cost Khan the fight=plain and simple--the second was pure home cooking. Still props top Pet for gr8 showing

Jalen Rose retweeted this message:

khan got str8 up robbed!!

Chris Eubank Jr. offered this:

Good fight last night. Khan boxed well, Peterson fought hard. Bt never good when a fight is won or lost because of point deductions

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I, too, would love to see a rematch, but hopefully it will take place under circumstances that give both fighters a fair shake.

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